Free Culture

29 03 2004

Free CultureI was reading first few chapters from book (PDF version) called Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. I thought you guys should check it out. They are giving away free full version PDF on this book or you can purcahse a book from local store or online. I will share some of this with you once I finished reading this book.

If you did read or heard about it, please feel free to share your thought with us. You will need to register then make your comment. Thanks!

Quote from Lessig website: "Lawrence Lessig could be called a cultural environmentalist. One of America’s most original and influential public intellectuals, his focus is the social dimension of creativity: how creative work builds on the past and how society encourages or inhibits that building with laws and technologies. In his two previous books, CODE and THE FUTURE OF IDEAS, Lessig concentrated on the destruction of much of the original promise of the Internet. Now, in FREE CULTURE, he widens his focus to consider the diminishment of the larger public domain of ideas. In this powerful wake-up call he shows how short-sighted interests blind to the long-term damage they’re inflicting are poisoning the ecosystem that fosters innovation.

All creative works – books, movies, records, software, and so on are a compromise between what can be imagined and what is possible ? technologically and legally. For more than two hundred years, laws in America have sought a balance between rewarding creativity and allowing the borrowing from which new creativity springs. The original term of copyright set by the Constitution in 1787 was seventeen years. Now it is closer to two hundred. Thomas Jefferson considered protecting the public against overly long monopolies on creative works an essential government role. What did he know that we’ve forgotten?

Lawrence Lessig shows us that while new technologies always lead to new laws, never before have the big cultural monopolists used the fear created by new technologies, specifically the Internet, to shrink the public domain of ideas, even as the same corporations use the same technologies to control more and more what we can and can?t do with culture. As more and more culture becomes digitized, more and more becomes controllable, even as laws are being toughened at the behest of the big media groups. What?s at stake is our freedom ? freedom to create, freedom to build, and ultimately, freedom to imagine.?

To download a PDF book, Click here to download

Free Culture Book website

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

Bathroom Remodel

23 03 2004

Bathroom RemodelMisty and I have been delaying our remodel for our upstairs bathroom for approximately three years. Last time we installed new bath tub then we never finished it for long time. The main reason we can’t decide what we really want because we did not like new tub. To make it short and sweet, we finally went ahead and installed another new tub last month. Everything worked out well at this point.

We went to Home Depot and Lowes number of times and purchased many things for remodeling bathroom. It took us approximately 4 weeks to finish our project. We usually spend time on remodeling our bathroom during my day off and well as Misty’s. I think we did pretty good overall.

Take a look what we’ve done so far with our bathroom. Click here to enter gallery.

– Paint walls
– Install new tub
– Replace wonderboard wall around tub
– Install new shower surround walls (3 panels)
– Install new insulations
– Replace new countertop (marble) and cabinet with six doors
– Replace new bath facuet
– Install 12×30 wall cabinet
– Replace carpet
– Replace new medicine cabinet
– Replace toilet seat (white)
– Replace shower post (white)
– all other misc such as caulk, adhesive, some tools, etc.