“Free Culture” Follow-up

12 04 2004

Guys, I finally read "Free Culture" book.

The book is all about copyright, p2p, patents, piracy, media, lobby, much more! It gives some history how it begins and why we are doing this. It also suggests that copyright procedure is not perfect with rapidly technologies change today and will see more changes in near future.

"Free Culture" also explain we should move into new system what they called it "common creative". Some of the author already doing it and others may follow it. The common creative looks pretty good to me. Only time will tell us if it?s going be good alternative methods to meet our today technologies.

Again, I’ve learned few things from this book to understand better why it is very important to author or media that once they own intellectual property, they want to control it forever. It is not possible – Federal did right thing to keep it for time being then release into "public domain".

Unfortunately, there’s too many lobbyist that would pay congressman and senators to push additional bill to keep it under control longer or perhaps forever. Finally, I do believe that it should be flexibility especially we are in Internet Age now – we can do pretty much anything with power of clicks these days. We will see how we are doing next 5-10 years from today.

In case you haven’t get chance, you definitely should read it.

Grant W Laird Jr.