25 05 2004

Spyware! See “The Search Tool That Ate My Computer” Commentary By Michael S. Malone Good article – perfect example – click here This is sad but true – I’ve clean it up frequently especially when my two teen daughters whom love to surfing around Internet and they did not realize something happened to our computer. I understood how difficult it can be when you tried to tell someone not to go certain website that support spyware-ad when they have some cool stuff to look at. I usually tell them not to go this website again but they still does it anyway. Maybe its from another website too. Once a while, I usually cleaned out all spyware and junks from system myself. Unfortunately, not all of them will go away. Some of them are stubborn and will stay for long time. Ad-ware & Norton Anti-Virus program did not help. It is like too late. I found there’s instruction how to clean it out manually at Norton Anti-Virus website but it is long process. Forget it. Final word: I am not going spend hours clean it up. Spyware programs may have gotten away from it. Anything like Lycos, iSearch, Xupiter, WildTangent, CursorComet, SaveNow, SmileCentral, n-Case & more – I knew they are sneaky and I have no respect for them at all. Period.