Wanna make TTY call on Internet?

31 08 2004

NXI CommunicationsYou should check out www.NexTalk.net Internet-based, Live Text Communication — Home of the Nextalk.net Freeware.

Personally, I think this software is useful for anybody who likes to use computer rather than TTY. I knew there�s few software and even wireless TTY services for nominal fees but this is free.

What you need to do is register your own account and you are instantly member of Nextalk.net. You don�t even have to be deaf and use it. It is perfect tools for hearing user who have deaf parent or deaf sliding. It is also perfect for anybody who travels a lot. Remember this is Internet-based which means you don�t need dialup modem to connect this but of course you still need to use it to connect AOL or EarthLink and run Nextalk based on Internet connection itself.

Go to https://www.nextalk.net/signupmain.stm

As a member of “NexTalk.net”, you have many state-of-the-art text-based communication features available at your fingertips and best of all–it�s FREE!

** Call or accept text calls from any other NexTalk.net user
** Call or accept calls from a TTY
** Anyone on a browser can call you
** “Call” anyone with an email account
** Receive “Text Mail” messages that are forwarded to an email address
** Send or receive Instant Messages with any NexTalk.net user
** Transfer and conference text calls between NexTalk.net or NTS users

Don�t forget to download free program. Once you install, you will see relay service in it and it will goes to MCI IP-Relay service. You don�t have any option to pick relay service you want to use. It�s no big deal to me.

Bottom line, I must admit that I don�t use it much lately but still very good backup program when you need it last minute like TTY isn�t working at hotel or at home. Install it and register it then have it handy.

Come & Join Deaf Celebration 2004

29 08 2004

Deaf Celebration 2004 logo

Come and join Deaf Celebration crowd on September 11, 2004

Did you know that Deaf Celebration is largest expo in Texas and its right here in heart of Dallas & Fort Worth community! (Located at Arlington Convention Center)

First time, I learned about Deaf Celebration thought mutual friends and went to City Hall (first night of the week) where they used to host “Deaf Awareness Week”; I fell in love with it. I have been blessing to be part of Deaf Celebration organization since 1997 when Cindi Nagy and Misty Laird was chair. I’ve been involving and watching this organization evolutes one of the biggest expo event in Texas and bring into bigger picture beyond everyone’s dream. No question about it.

As behalf of Texas Instruments, I am very proud to know that TI is very much part of this deaf community expo which brings everyone together annually. I truly believe that it does bring more quality of deaf community in Texas especially Dallas & Fort Worth area. I believe that TI has brought over $10,000 toward Deaf Celebration organization since 1999.

One of my proudest moments with Deaf Celebration is – I remember when I proposed we started developing website (about five years ago), everyone is pretty much clueless but it passed anyway. To this day, website has been one of the organization strongest attractive to deaf communities in Texas annually. First version of Deaf Celebration website isn’t exactly pretty but it’s only beginning.

I finally had chance to put all pictures last week that I took during Deaf Celebration Day every year since 1997, there’s over 600 pictures and it barely fit into one CD. Whoa! It will be ready to show as slideshow during the Saturday evening. Don’t miss it!!

For first time this year, Deaf Celebration does not charge day admission! I remember we tried to push this hard for last two years till we are confidence we can do this year. Yes, believe it or not – day admission is FREE. Bring your whole family to Deaf Celebration and be part of wealthy deaf culture.

The following evening, we will have adult deaf shows (Professor Glickman & Club Deafiano), giving awards and having great times. What’s more, we will have two huge visual screen displays with captioning which will be easier for everyone to view & enjoy the shows. We will have round table with 10 chairs each which can hold over 600+ people which we never have done it before. It is huge investment we ever made this year – you cannot miss it!

Finally, I want to thank our Deaf Celebration Chair, Henry Whalen for willing to pick it up chair position after we started off bad at the beginning of this year. We made it alright and we will see how we are doing in couple of weeks. Again, I want to make sure Henry and his team knows that they has done outstanding job. I also want to thank to all dedicated committees for making it possible.

Deaf Celebration is best things it ever happened in our community!

Come and join us at 12th Annual Deaf Celebration 2004!


Grant W. Laird, Jr.
One of the Proudest Deaf Celebration Committee