Dust your TTY regularly!

25 08 2004

TTYWhat do we call it TTY or TDD? Can we live without it?

The term “TTY” derives from “Teletype”, which is a registered trademark of the Teletype Corporation. “TDD”, a later term, stands for “Telecommunications Device for the Deaf”. Many people use the two terms interchangeably, while others use TTY for mechanical teleprinters and TDD for the modern electronic gadgets which perform the same function in a fraction of the size and weight. The TTY was first developed by Robert Weitbrecht, a deaf physicist. Mechanical printers have been largely replaced by solid state devices using transistorized circuitry and LED or LCD displays. They are small and light weight, hence portable. Some have been marketed that are the size of a pocket calculator.

Personally, we should call it “TTY” regardless. I realized that time has evolve over years since they develop hi-tech TTY. I remember when I was young; I used to call it TDD all the times. It’s no big deal. Well, it was never impact me personally till my deaf cousin Eddy Laird once told me that why can’t we stick with “TTY”. He made very good point that hearing community still called it “telephone” even it has changed words over years such as phone, cell phone, cordless phone, VoIP, whatever you called it.

My point is to preserve deaf culture; we should stick with “TTY”. I really think it is unique and powerful word which we still used in deaf community. Did you realize that “TDD” was invented just because TTY has gone into hi-tech device? Gimme break!

By the way, do you have TTY at home? You better be!

What choice do we have? It is probably one of the important pieces in ever household because there’s no way you can call 911 emergency phone calls without TTY itself or TTY modem and/or software with telephone line such as Nextalk products. You can’t call 911 emergency calls via mobile, instant messaging, email, and videophone.

Yes, things will get even better in couple of years (hopefully) where you can call emergency call over cell phone. They are working on technologies which they called it e911 and as well as install GPS (Global Position System) into every cell phone and PDAs.

You are not alone — I hardly use TTY these days but you make sure you dust your TTY regularly!

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Videophone: D-Link DVC-1000 vs. Sorenson VP-100

22 08 2004

VideophoneVideophone: D-Link DVC-1000 vs. Sorenson VP-100

In past few weeks, I’ve been struggled to get both videophone specifically D-Link DVC-1000 provided by CSD and Sorenson VP-100 provided by SorensonVRS.com working within our Linksys wireless router.

We have multiple networks to our several computers, laptop and two videophones at home. It gets really complicated than you think because these videophones are not 100% compliable. At least I believe they are.

As you know that DVC-1000 is actually developed by Sorenson but it was programmed differently by D-Link Company. It is not a problem but we find it rather difficult with our Linksys router. I was told by one of the Hamilton representative that it would be easiest if we buy D-Link router instead. Sigh!

My good friend Brenden has similar problem and we troubleshooting it together from time to time. One of the biggest accomplishments we did by adding 2nd public IP. It cost me $5.00 per month under Comcast service. Things get a lot better. Keep in mind, I had to use switch (non-firewall) device to hook it up so we can use it for 2nd public IP.

We noticed that VP-100 works better with router than it’s on own with public IP. That’s where we decide to keep VP-100 under router and use D-Link as 2nd public IP. It works out very well.

The next thing is – we had to set up port forwarding for it and enable DMZ to to make it work properly under router. Unfortunately, we are still facing some weird problem like blackout, cannot call someone or calling back to me properly. Using telephone number wasn’t always worked great.

We upgraded firmware for Linksys wireless router to latest version (August 2004) which isn’t even show in Sorenson knowledge base list on their website because the features have changed or moved elsewhere within administration menu.

Also, I’ve been helping another couple of friends that have some kind of problem related to videophones. One of the biggest lacks from all VRS companies that they don’t always offers tech support or multiple on-site supports. Some of their website is have very good knowledge base while another website doesn’t have much at all.

I realized that VRS companies are only interested to help them calling VRS which is not a problem. Unfortunately, people tend to mess it up when they move it or reconfigured it or whatever. Also, I believe that the more they use videophones, the chance they will use VRS services more frequently in long run.

Bottom line, I truly believe that videophone will be common household in few years just like email and VoIP however all tech companies like Linksys, D-Link, Sorenson, etc must work hard together to continue improve technologies and easy to install & work instantly.