Albertson’s Shop N Scan Follow-Up

17 08 2004

See original blog that I email to Albertson Customer Service last month. They finally replied to me and they are working on it. I will keep you posted. –gwlj

From: John Moritz 54200 []
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 12:13 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Customer Concern on Shop-N-Scan

Dear Mr. Laird,

I have received your concerns about Shop-N-Scan not adequately serving the hearing impaired and I have taken this issue up with our Shop-N-Scan Design team to have new functionalities added as soon as possible to address this. We should expect to see some positive changes in this area by the end of the year.

At Albertsons, our goal is to make life easier for our customers. We will continue to work very hard to help make your life easier. We value you as our customer and we appreciate your business.

John Moritz
Albertsons Marketing Manager
7580 Oak Grove Road
Fort Worth, TX 76140

A La Carte Programming

16 08 2004

Remote ControlI couldn’t help it but A La Carte Programming got my attention lately.

As you know that cable TV and satellite cable TV subscription cost has gone up – average $50+ if you want handful channels including HBO. Not to mention we also paying $50 a month for cable Internet itself. We use Comcast for cable, hi-speed Internet and telephone. (Not VoIP)

Not too long ago, Misty and I are looking a way to reduce cable bills and we realize that ours are still cheap because we are still using basic service under Comcast even without analog or digital cable box. We used to have everything including HBO. I’ve always pick HBO as my 1st choice for premium channel because of numbers of shows with closed-captioning.

We decided to check satellite cable TV and compared the prices. There’s really not much difference between Comcast and DirecTV or Dish Network. We recognized that many different channel packages offered by both. We are hoping we can find a package that support extended package plus HBO alone for under $50 a month. Nothing.

Now, everyone is talking about ‘a la carte programming’ that make me wonder if it will help bring cost down. It probably will but after I research over Internet and I learned that it may not be good idea to go a la carte programming at all.

Again, all I want to see is lower cable TV bills with HBO – Sigh!

What do you think? Give me feedback!

Definition: a la Carte
adj: having unlimited choices with a separate price for each item, n: a menu having individual dishes listed with separate prices adv: by ordering items listed individually on a menu; “we ate a la carte”

Cable Executives Oppose `A La Carte’ Programming
In late July, prominent cable-television executives expressed opposition to per-channel programming, an idea being promoted by some as a way to lower skyrocketing cable bills. Under such an a la carte system, customers pay only for the channels they want rather than for bundled programming that may include fare they never watch. Most cable companies oppose a la carte, arguing that it is cumbersome to implement and would result in higher per-channel prices while reducing customer choice. “Consumers would never get a new network under this scenario,” Oxygen Media Chairwoman and CEO Geraldine Laybourne said at an FCC hearing.

‘Cable a la Carte’ Programming Option Could Affect Media Diversity

Fewer Choices, Less Diversity, Higher Prices

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