Deaf Republicans and others…

29 10 2004

Recently, there’s few websites that I want to share with you since I feel it is important that you should know about it.
Very nice website! It’s gaining a lot of attention in deaf community everywhere. There’s a lot of depth information why we should vote for republican. Of course, you don’t have to agree everything they said but it is fact-finding information that you really can’t say it’s not true. I hope Deaf Democrats will come up its own website someday.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing in Government
DHHIG is a national non-profit organization whose purpose is two-fold. It serves as an employee support group for Federal employees who are either Deaf or Hard of Hearing and as a resource organization for the nationwide Federal government. This is very good resources where you can seek for help or even join their organization if you are federal employees. In case you did not know, numbers of d/hh employees declined in federal jobs in past 10 years. That’s something you should watch and make every effort that federal is hiring more d/hh & disabilities in the future.

Historical Context of the Americans with Disabilities Act
The following information is excerpted from the Core Curriculum developed by Adaptive Environments, Inc. for the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. This is very good information if you want to know little history about ADA and other bills.

What’s new about Video Relay Service lately?

25 10 2004

After reading Jesse Barkey & Lauren Burton’s letter from Deaf Today website, (see links below) it is not new to me. It is OK that Sorenson is aggressively to maximize the profits from federal funds. A lot of for-profit companies are doing it anyway. Most of their profits will goes to R/D and develop better products for future. Of course, Sorenson did their parts for contributions for nonprofit organizations that I know of. Don’t forget they does promotions for deaf athletics Ronda Jo Miller, Christy Smith from Survivors on TV series and Dr. Bernard Braggs – well-known deaf actor/mine. Another videophone-based VRS vendors have different prescriptive on it and I respect them too. I love Sprint/CSD for their almost-always sponsors local & state nonprofit organizations in Texas where I live. I cannot speak for other states. I was told that another vendors such as HOVRS & Hamilton does a lot of contributions locally and nationwide. What’s more, they all invested thousands of money into deaf-owned business such as USA-L,,,, and etc. for their advertising fees. They do appreciate their business. I predicated that Sorenson will force to open to all markets one day. We will have to trust FCC and let them decide if they are really doing “monopoly” in VP-based VRS markets. Again, I have to remind you that VRS is not “mandatory” relay service under FCC yet. That’s where all vendors are worrying about their future unlike tradition relay service. I’ve heard they are going develop coalition where we all will work together and push for FCC to accept it as one of mandatory in relay service. Once it happens, we are secured with VRS for many years to come. Please correct me if I am mistaken. Oh yeah, I don’t work for any of those vendors :) Something to read more information about VRS related from people around us… Sorenson VP-100 and DLink Debate about videophone From: Jesse Barkey – October 18, 2004 Response to: Sorenson VP-100 and DLink Debate about videophone From: Lauren Burton – October 20, 2004 Famous Deaf Individuals Select Sorenson VRS for Communication Needs From: Sorenson Media – October 18, 2004 Sprint Employee Honored by National Business & Disability Council From: Sprint – October 18, 2004 Videophone: D-Link DVC-1000 vs. Sorenson VP-100 From: Grant W Laird Jr. – August 22, 2004