DVD Recorder & VCR Combo (Model – LGXBR446)

26 11 2004

LGXBR446 - DVD Recorder & VCR ComboBlack Friday.

Brenden and I arrived to Fry’s Electronic store in Plano, Texas at 6:00 AM. We couldn’t believe its very LONG line already and they won’t let us go in till all people in line came inside store. It is like the people were in line around this huge store. We had to wait at least 20 minutes till we were able to get inside store.

Really Unbelievable!

It was too crowd but we went ahead and look what’s on sale. We realized that line to cashier is very long too. Practically, it was too many people – we finally left within an hour. We are particularly interested in DVD recorder with VCR combo unit. We also went by Ultimate Electronic and CompUSA and see what they have gotten for us.

We ended up bought few things including CineVision DVD Recorder & VCR combo at CompUSA for $249 plus $50.00 rebate. Good deal.

Later on, I installed & tested CineVision RV4000 (Under GoVideo Manufacturing) at my home TV same day. I didn’t expect anything bad out of it. I am already impressed with its features and everything. However I noticed one thing that did not work properly – it doesn’t display closed captioning so I thought maybe I must have set it up incorrectly. So, I moved it to another TV and tested it again. Brenden paged me saying he’s having trouble getting closed captioning working properly.

That’s interesting part – he told me he did call customer service line and they told me that it doesn’t support closed captioning on this unit. That’s really pissed me off – I decided to call customer service myself. It was long discussion over phone with relay service. You can look at our conversation – basically they do not support it whether they really understood how it works with closed captioning or not.

Brenden and I went to CompUSA again that evening and returned it with no problem. We went on and shopping again that night. We went 4 different electronics store and we ended up bought another DVD Recorder & VCR combo under LG brand. (Model – LGXBR446) It cost $499 but it’s supposed to be top of the line. We have no way to tell if it will work well with closed captioning but we have to try it at home.

End of the day.

Grant W Laird, Jr.

P.S. I don’t care about GoVideo anymore but I hope they will look at it seriously and make some modificaiton in the future.


24 11 2004

Thanksgiving Day CartoonIt is not all about Thanksgiving Day – my wife Misty’s birthday too! She will be 35 years old. She has been my lovely wife for over 16 years. Believe me or not, it gets harder to find something really nice for her birthday every year. No matter what we get something for her, I want to tell everyone that I love her very much! (Yikes – Need to shop around today – don’t tell her)

Now, go back to Thanksgiving – my family always spends time with both of my families and we are doing it again this year on both Thursday and Friday. Of course, we get opportunity to spend some time with a friend’s family, too.

You know what’s funny about all this – I never cook a turkey! Maybe Misty and I tried couple of times in the past and it wasn’t exactly very good. Lucky we have two fantastic families that are “professional” in cooking turkey lunch/dinner. If we ever decide to buy real turkey again, I would recommend you to buy pre-cooked & smoked favor turkey. It is much less hassle and fastest way to get dinner ready :)

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you all of you reading my blog — you all to have safe and wonderful times with your families and friends during this holiday.

P.S. Go Dallas Cowboys! It’s always pleasure to watch Cowboys game every year on Thanksgiving Day!

Grant W Laird Jr.