Video Relay Service Consumer Association

27 12 2004

Video Relay Service Consumer Association (VRSCA) recently established new chapter in Texas last Wednesday. Several states such as Florida, Utah, California, Arizona, and Maryland already formed their own chapter. More states to follow soon according to Jon Hodson from Sorenson Media.

VRSCA is designed to help improve in consumer issues such as quality, technical, interpreter, videophone products and customer service. This is not all; we also will watch Federal Communications Commission (FCC) very closely and will communicate with them frequently.

VRSCA is very new and we expect to see trial and errors as time go by but most important of all, we have Sorenson Media that will fund us to keep chapter running without worrying about fundraising and such. Other VRS provider may follow but maybe not – we will see.

All VRS providers are interested to see that FCC officially approves VRS technology to be part of mainstream along phone line-based telecommunication relay service. (TRS) Why? Of course they want government to pay for it just like TRS but VRS is still in experiment stage to FCC’s eyes.

Why is FCC still doubt in VRS technology?

Because not everyone at FCC are truly understood why VRS will benefit deaf community in long run. Believe it or not, VRS is much fast-paced procedure than TRS because it is 50% or more real-time than TRS. Plus, VRS is pretty expensive – last time I heard it is about $7.00 per minute. Thirdly, VRS is internet-based telecommunication which they have no way to track who’s calling to and from just like VoIP technology.

Now, you can see why they want to have VRSCA to help VRS and relay administrator from every state to push it to be part of mandatory telecommunication in deaf community. Consumer (in general) will be large pieces of this whole picture because they are going be larger representative in this picture.

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Grant W Laird Jr.

SkinIt product

26 12 2004

Sidekick2 SkinItWe learned about SkinIt from Dave’s Blog which gave me idea — I went ahead and ordered two SkinIt products for our two T-Mobile Sidekick II devices (one for me and another one is for my wife Misty) last week. We knew what it is like when they arrived last Friday. It cost only $19.90 for two products with no shipping & handling fee.

Sidekick2 SkinItIt is very simple products – seems like we can do it at home if we can find pre-cut template but that’s another story. It is also different type of adhesive sticker which is designed for electronic product like Sidekick2.
Sidekick2 SkinIt
As you can see in this picture, we posted it like we should with no instruction in it but we managed just fine. In my Sidekick2 (green one) – I went ahead and pasted as much as I could included speaker area, SK2 logo and details behind the LCD. I figure why not and it should be easy to remove if we have to.

Take a look! If anybody of you ever used SkinIt product before for any devices, let me know!!

Note: Click any picture to view bigger picture.

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Grant W Laird Jr.