How to Create Christmas DVD

25 12 2004

SnapshotAhead Nero 6 Ultra Edition have been getting popular these days. At least I think they did since their programs kept get better and better.

Two weeks ago, Brenden showed me how he created “Christmas DVD” which shows digital pictures and video clips with Ahead Nero 6 Ultra Edition. After that, he printed out DVD cover with family picture on it and mail to all of his family members.

Its neat!

Ok – in my case, it was somewhat different because I don’t have from my camcorder. My camcorder is already “old” technology which used VHS-C – I prefer to use 8mm which provide much better quality. Anyway, I am going make nice Christmas DVD just like his idea.

Since I have new Sony DVD recorder that I purchased last month, it made my job little easier. First of all, I inserted VHS-C tape (with adapter) and recorded it into DVD+RW disc. Then I moved this disc to my computer and start using Ahead Nero 6 Ultra Edition – all I need to do is import video clips from DVD and it uploaded for me.

Yes, it took me while to learn all features in it and it wasn’t too bad. I was able to split 4 different “chapters” in 15 minutes video clips. I also added digital pictures as slideshow. Just keep in mind that it will not be as high quality as you see on computer but that’s okay. It’s just for fun and memories.

Finally, I created nice Christmas theme (provided by Nero) among header, footer, name of each chapters and slideshow.

You can take a look what I did – click here. Not bad huh?

Later on, I will experiment with background musical, customized theme and other stuff that I didnt try yet.

You should give it a try sometime :)

Grant W Laird Jr.

Desktop Sidebar & AIM add-on

22 12 2004

SnapshotIn past few days, I’ve been playing with some add-on for Windows XP and AIM.

I’ve installed a program called Desktop Sidebar which gives you extra features that Windows XP doesn’t support however they claimed that future Windows (Longhorn) will come its own one in 1-2 years from today.

Anyway, I was able to add analog clock in it to make it feel like “home” and many another features that comes with it. It also comes with My Picture slideshow which I enjoyed looking at it occasionally.

Other things that come with it, I like to watch status on CPU, network, hard drive, and memory charts and help me recognized which programs that cause high memory and heavily using hard drive. It also support RSS feeds (news or blog), Outlook emails and search engine box.

There’s plenty of add-on to it too but I am not interested in most of them but you should check it out anyway. Go to

About AIM, I’ve been using old add-on “DeadAIM” for my AOL Instant Messenger for long time. I really enjoyed it but unfortunately, they started charge for newer version along newer version of AIM too. I decided to give another add-on a try. I’ve tried several programs such as Middle Man, FunPal, AIM+ and AIMulation. (Note: I only tested all freeware based programs)

So far, I like AIMulation – its pretty good plus it meet what I was looking for. Two things that important to me are logging all conversations (for my records) and tabbed features. I can see it’s not perfect but its good enough for now. It also supports skin – I’ve changed to different and it looks real nice.

Go to

To take a look at larger snapshot of my Windows XP with AIMulation and Desktop Sidebar – click here.