Sweet Art Designs

21 12 2004

Sweet Art DesignsSupport local business!

If you ever look for good reliability business that specializing in fresh desserts (cake & cookies) and floral for the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex – look no more!

Sweet Art Designs – based in Bedford, Texas

They have been doing it for years with their mother. Their mother is no longer doing it today due to M.S. disease. Naturally, both daughters Karen & Patricia decided to enter more markets since two years. In the past, they have been doing it frequently thru word of mouths all over in DFW.

If you have chance to visit their website, you will see many pictures of beautiful designs for any kind of events such as wedding, retirement, birthday, 50th anniversary and more! They also do all “homemade” floral to your taste and that’s promise!

Oh yeah, many of their specialized cookies are available for shipping. For example: Orange Cookies, Apricot Cookies, cut-out Cookies, Filled Cookies (strawberry, cherry, or raspberry), Peanut Blossom, Egyptian Cookies, Biscotti, Pecan Tart, and more!

We are a family home based business with culinary school experience and we learned all the good stuff from Mom!

They happen to be related to me and I am very much proud to announce – SWEET ART DESIGNS. To learn more about their business, please visit website at http://www.sweetartdesigns.com/

Karen Laird
817-788-1771 — Home
817-774-7668 — Cell
Email: karen@SweetArtDesigns.com

Patricia Germundson
Email: reddie73@tmail.com (deaf customes)

P.S. I was told they are pretty busy – get with them ASAP before it’s too late!

Grant W Laird Jr.

audio vs. transcripts

20 12 2004

Recently, Meryl posted about “Google is a deaf user” in her blog which leads me to read this whole thing. It’s very important because everyone deserve same accessibility as you did.

In the podcasting session at BloggerCon 3, Steve Gillmor said, “We’re never going to do any transcripts on the Gillmor Gang.” (And got applause.) He went on to say that it’s about the metadata and people’s natural voices and this and that….

From Matt May’s weblog — http://www.bestkungfu.com/ — he work for World Wide Web Consortium. You can learn more about W3C at http://www.w3.org/

Matt made very good point in his recent blog regarding “no more transcripts” which do not offer any transcripts. I checked Gillmor Gang website and good enough, there’s no alternative than listening to this mp3 sounds.

Yes, its interesting and challenge for rest of the world to insure we all get proper accessibility to see and understand what they are talking about. It is no different between this and closed captioning and relay services.

Sure, we at deaf community should worry about it and need to watch & encourage them to offers alternative such as transcripts – otherwise we may end up fighting with ADA (American with Disabilities Act) to upgrade where government can enforce 3rd party over internet to support alternatives. We don’t want government to involved in it at at all however it will be our last solutions.

Finally, you should read numbers of comments he generated after he posted about it. Don’t miss this one out! Read under title “Google is a deaf user”.


I wonder if I could copy this audio and figure out how to play it – once I did it, I can call relay service and let operator type whole thing what it says and viola – it’s going be “transcripts” at no extra charge. Is it possible? Hmmm…

At this point, I still don’t know what they are talking about.

Grant W Laird Jr.