Ultimate Matrix Collection

22 01 2005

Ultimate Matrix CollectionI am huge fan of The Matrix ? I have all three DVD movies but I still want this cool Ultimate Matrix Collection which contains 10 DVDs. I got it for my birthday recently ? I am thrilled about it.

Of course, I was little disappointed that some of those bonus footage do not support subtitle or closed captioning but they offers French subtitle. Maybe I should learn French someday.

Anyway ? this is summary what it comes in The Ultimate Matrix Collection (The Matrix / Reloaded / Revolutions / Revisited / The Animatrix)

These two sets include all three films, The Animatrix, the film footage shot for Enter the Matrix videogame and 106 documentaries. The bonus disks for Reloaded and Revolutions are different from those included in the versions already released.

DISK 1: The Matrix.
DISK 2: The Matrix Revisited.
DISK 3: The Matrix Reloaded.
DISK 4: The Matrix Reloaded Revisited.
DISK 5: The Matrix Revolutions.
DISK 6: The Matrix Revolutions Revisited.
DISK 7: The Animatrix.
DISK 8: The Roots of the Matrix.
DISK 9: The Burly Man Chronicles.
DISK 10: The Zion Archive.

Its only $60 for whole thing at Amazon.com ? grab while it last :)

To learn everything about Matrix – Click here.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

Crazy Web Hosting goes ‘crazy for you’

21 01 2005

Dang! It felt good to see article about our business. Read on:

At the height of the Internet boom, setting up a business in the competitive field of web hosting was perceived as an insane risk. Almost anyone could, with a couple of thousand dollars in startup costs, set up servers with business lines in their homes and begin hosting web sites immediately. Such cost-effective businesses were the craze— everybody was doing it. Web sites were built in increasingly exponential numbers; the web hosting businesses were gobbling up new accounts in multiples.

In February 2004, Google, a popular search engine, boosted their total searchable web pages to 4.28 billion. Yet all Internet searchers are only able to search a measly .03% of the vast Internet. In 1999, web hosting was a very good business to be in. And very risky: the best web hosting companies survived and grew, while the rest were ruthlessly eliminated.

In 1999, two deaf men started a web hosting company serving web sites from a single Pentium 2 desktop computer operating from a home. Four years later, when they moved their hosting servers to a world-class data center in January 2003, they multiplied their customer base by 10. Today, they have two employees, all of who are deaf and use American Sign Language (ASL). However, their success did not come easily.

First called Deaf Network Services, the two men, Grant Laird, Jr., and Brenden Gilbert, steadily grew their business through great customer service. As illustrated by their motto, “We go crazy for you!”, their newly named company, Crazy Web Hosting, realized their survival depended on reaching beyond the ordinary standard of customer service. They installed most software and scripts on their customers’ accounts at no cost. New customers’ web sites and domain names, if they had one, were transferred at no cost. Customers could reach them at almost all business hours by Instant Messaging for personal one-on-one service. The unheard-of customer service saw a steady increase of happy customers who shared this with their colleagues and partners. The old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising of their excellent customer service paid off— Laird and Gilbert were faced with a dilemma many companies would love to have. They needed to expand their server offerings considerably if they were going to stay in business.

Both Laird and Gilbert admit feeling confident and nervous at the same time.

Going beyond the home-based servers into expensive and multiple servers was a costly risk. Fueled by past success, they forged ahead with excitement and moved all their accounts to the new servers. Their home business’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) made a crucial mistake: the ISP cut off their subscriber’s line prematurely. Crazy Web Hosting customers’ web sites were temporarily unavailable. Gilbert, the technical guru, rushed to move the accounts onto the new servers. On a diet of coffee and junk food, Gilbert worked late into the night for twenty-four long hours. Finally, in the middle of the night, Crazy Web Hosting completed moving all their accounts to the new data center, their new home. But before they sighed a breath of relief, they wondered what would happen to their long-time customers? Would they leave Crazy Web Hosting?

The data center’s servers were much faster. The Internet backbone with which they were connected delivered blazingly fast downloads. Laird and Gilbert smiled.

So did the customers. And they stayed with Crazy Web Hosting. Loyal as Laird and Gilbert were to their customers, the customers returned the favor. Nowhere else could the customers find superior customer service.

Today Crazy Technologies, the parent company of Crazy Web Hosting, boast hundreds of accounts and two employees looking brightly into the new year of 2005. With no end in sight, they expanded their business to include Deaf Network, Deaf Coffee, and web design services.

Deaf Network maintains Texas’s largest community resource website and mailing list for 2,000 subscribers at www.deafnetwork.com.

DeafCoffee.com, born in April 2003 with five states, posts sites where deaf and other signers people regularly gather at coffee houses nationwide. After a year and half, the site lists 25 states with total 75 sites. With 3,000 monthly visitors, the website recently underwent a re-design.

Customers looking for a new or redesigned web site have come to the right place. Crazy Technologies has a full-time designer and developer on staff. To meet demand, they outsource web design work to several developers.

With up and downs of running a business, Crazy Web Hosting is proudly celebrating their seventh year in business. As they look forward to more years of great customer service, their offerings on the web continue to expand to serve the needs of the deaf and hearing community alike. Crazy Technologies has gone crazy— for you!


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Grant W. Laird Jr.