DHH – DFW at Humperdink’s – Successful

28 02 2005

DHH logoLast Saturday, we host Deaf Happy Hour – DFW at Humperdink’s Restaurant & Bar. It went very well – in fact it was overwhelming successful again. From my estimate, we had 200+ during the evening especially in bar area.

We all had great times! Everything seems went well. Unfortunately, the store manager may have underestimated our DHH because lack of waitress and bartender that evening. Otherwise, they did okay – hopefully they will provide more staff next time if we ever host there again. Personally, I did call them twice and informed them about DHH event – this way they will be more prepared. Oh well…

Anyway, we noticed there’s majority of people are from Arlington and Fort Worth – interesting because last time we hosted DHH event in Dallas last month at Wizard’s Café – it was majority from Dallas area. Bottom line, I had opportunity to meet more new faces; I couldn’t ask for better.

Among other things, Humperdink’s seems don’t monitor age restriction that evening at all, I was told there several underage thoroughly the evening, plus some of them bring their child. I was surprised that manager or waitress didn’t do anything about it. Maybe they didn’t notice? However, couple of people asked me to do something since me and Brenden are co-host for DHH event, I said no way – its Humperdink’s job to monitor and take the action such as underage in bar area.

We did little game called Valentine stickers – what we did is post the color of red, yellow or green dot sticker when people came in the bar. Most of them think it is cool; I can tell couple of guys really looking for girls that have “green” sticker which means “I am available.” Red = “I am not available” and Yellow = “Not sure but buy me a drink and find out.”

Sure, we debated with couple of people regarding “DPHH vs. DHH” otherwise everyone had good times and pleased with our decision. Majority were supporting DHH and/or “don’t care” over DPHH/DHH. We will update DHH photos shortly. Also, we noticed no one played pool tables – maybe they didn’t noticed. I wonder…

We announced that we will host our next DHH event at Fox & Hound in southwest of Fort Worth for March and Dave & Buster in Frisco (Near Plano) for April. We are looking forward another more exciting event.

DHH website: http://www.dhhdfw.com

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

FCC proposes fines for 3 local stations

27 02 2005

FCC logoThat’s something we ALL need to watch out for our local TV news. Personally I know it don’t always caption everything it runs daily at variety time slot especially LIVE series. Sorry, I don’t watch TV news everyday but I try to do from time to time.

This is perfect example that we have to alert FCC if we saw serious weather alert even flood warning, fire warning, and all those small stuff that can make difference in our deaf community.

Please do voice, email, phone or fax TV news if you have any problem with their closed captioning. If you need help how to do it, please feel free to ask me how and I will help you all the way. It’s not that hard, really; we will spend our free time to find out how to reach right person from TV news network and resolve it.

Of course, if they won’t response or follow up – we just report it to FCC and they will help us out!

I know its all wasting our times but someone has to do it. That’s how we did accomplish so many things in the past and we will continue improve all issues today and in the future.

Good job, deaf community from San Diego, California!

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Grant W. Laird, Jr.