DHH Continues Strong in DFW

27 03 2005

We had DHH event last Saturday at Fox and Hound English Pub & Grille in southwest of Fort Worth. We are pleased with numbers of show up at event especially during Easter weekend and nasty weather. (Cold & rain all day) We had fewer than 150 people which are smaller than last two months but still very good.

Fox and Hound management and waitress are much better than last month at Humperdink’s. Even, I had opportunity to meet manager – thank to Ronnie (one of DHH committee) for introduction. He wants us to come back again for next events however at this point, we aren’t sure because we want to host more frequently in Arlington & Dallas area next few months.

Only bad thing about this place based on people’s feedback is hard to find this place. This restaurant is in huge shopping center and many trees around it. A lot of people got lost and managed to find it eventually.

Also, I noticed that none of deaf people actually playing pool table – this place has about 12 pools there. It’s interesting to observe – seems majority of them just want to chat and drink and have good times.

One of the DHH fan give Ronnie the list of different places (bar & restaurant) for future DHH event. However, many of lists are actually stripper club. Very funny!!

Another DHH committee – Stephanie had car accident the day before due to bad weather and I was told that her vehicle is totaled. I hope she’s doing okay.

We had to postponed our DHH committee meeting till further notice due to conflict of plan from many committees. Hopefully we will have one sometime before our next DHH event on April 23rd at Dave & Buster in Frisco, Texas.

To learn more about DHH DFW, go to http://www.dhhdfw.com

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

Deaf World at San Marcos, Texas

26 03 2005

Texas State University campus at San Marcos, TexasLast Thursday, Brenden and I attended Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas for their Deaf World event. It’s approximately 30 miles from Austin area. We stayed there for two nights.

We had our own business booth and gave our presentation that afternoon about “Internet & Deaf Community.” They didn’t have many people stopping by however they had one big group from Crockett High School (Austin) visiting us all day long. It was like 100 students – nice big group.

Brenden and I wanted to thank to Lisa Bothwell (Deaf World chairperson) and her gang for wonderful event and gifts. Lisa handled it very well – for some reason they forgot to provide projector for our presentation and she managed to arrange one at last minute.

Its not just Deaf World event – Texas State University and San Marcos itself are beautiful small town. A lot of hills, trees, and creek everywhere in this town – I would love to visit again with my family someday. I had opportunity to take some pictures while we are in town.

We had opportunity to meet couple of old and new friends – overall we had great times!!

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Grant W. Laird, Jr.