Blogging Goes Crazy

20 03 2005

Flickr logoYahoo has purchased online photo-sharing service Flickr. Also, they launched a beta test of a new blogging tool.

Dang! Seems that Google, Yahoo and MSN are fighting for everything they got from online markets. I know that blog tools and service are one of the hottest right now.

I’ve played with MSN Space and they are very nice – I didn’t play with it much. I also used to have Google account and it was too limited when I needed more features.

As you can see I ended up doing my own blog under my website. Again, it is not always good thing for everyone. Some people need simple and fast way to blogging their website. What’s more, I want to see more plug-in for my blog program (b2evolution) but they are nothing but complicated for my taste. I prefer plug and play — not playing with codes.

Anyway, I hope things will goes positive with Flickr and Yahoo because I do have Flickr account and enjoyed it very much.

Flickr will be never the same eventually – we will wait and see.

See announcement – Click here.

Yahoo buys photo-sharing site Flickr

By Jim Hu
Staff Writer, CNET

Yahoo has purchased online photo-sharing service Flickr, less than a week after the Internet giant launched a beta test of a new blogging tool.

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Flickr lets users upload digital photos from computers and camera phones, put together photo albums, and post photos to blogs, among other things.

Joanna Stevens, a spokeswoman for Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Yahoo, confirmed the deal Sunday but did not disclose the terms.

“We look forward to working with them for their innovation and product development across the Yahoo Network in the coming months,” she said.

Stevens said Flickr will remain a standalone site for now. The company’s employees, however, will relocate to Sunnyvale later this year.

Earlier this week, Yahoo announced Yahoo 360. The service combines a new blogging tool, along with several longtime Yahoo products, including instant messaging, photo storage and sharing, and Internet radio. It also offers tools for sharing recommendations about places to eat, favorite movies, music and so on.

Both the 360 move and the acquisition of Flickr and parent company Ludicorp Research & Development come as social networking and blogging draw increased interest from rivals. Microsoft in December added a blog product for its MSN Web service, called MSN Spaces. Google, meanwhile, owns Web log service Blogger and social networking site Orkut.

CNET’s Evan Hansen contributed to this report.

Grant W Laird Jr

Google Desktop Search Plugin

19 03 2005

Today I discovered that they have “Google Code” at where you can look and taste all kind of programmer’s codes also known as API (Application Programming Interface) for different Google applications such as Gmail, GDS, Google Search, and all other Google Family.

Now, look at this one – where you will see different plug-in for GDS program. Since I am big fan of GDS and I used it all the times on my main computer. (Not my laptop or at work pc)

I’ve posted and see if there’s plug-in for my Gaim program which I used it all the times on main computer.

Anyway, you will see several examples that you can download for your own GDS.

1. Trillian IM – Indexes Trillian Pro chat conversations.
2. Airbear Software’s IndexZip Plug-in – Index the names of files within .ZIP compressed archives.
3. Larry’s mIRC Indexer – Search your mIRC private messages as they take place.
4. Larry’s Any Text File Indexer – Search any text-based file type on your computer.
5. Kongulo – This plug-in is a web spider (“Kongulo” is Icelandic for spider) that crawls websites you specify, e.g. intranet websites, and makes them searchable via GDS.

To look more plug-in and other stuff – Click here.

Grant W Laird Jr