Deaf culture clash

30 04 2005

Most of you already know that 90% of deaf child(ren) have hearing parent.

Naturally, hearing parent will do anything to get their deaf child(ren) to hear again. Look like it’s been big increase that many deaf children are getting cochlear implant last few years. It is not new but it’s real. Few deaf parent support it as well.

Yes, it will benefit deaf child(ren) with cochlear implant – no questions about it. But it comes with additional responsibility for those child(ren) and their parent too. State and/or federal probably ended up paying for their equipments, batteries, and therapy. It is not cheap.

Brown says his comments at the meeting were an attempt to be “shocking,” but he sticks by them. “I do understand the tension” among the deaf caused by implants, he says. “It is a threat to their way of life. But the truth is, deaf people have a significant handicap — one that impacts their earning ability.”

Again, deaf child(ren) can be raised successfully in ASL or associated sign language system in their school whether parent learn sign language or not. It is extremely important that their system is working properly so child(ren) will learn and they will be successful too.

Too many school programs have flaw education system for deaf child(ren) in the past. I believe it has gotten a lot better today than ever. Most of them probably do wear hearing aid which provided by their school and as well as speech therapy. These tools are very important.

Northeastern’s Lane says talk of eliminating deaf culture “horrifies” many deaf advocates. “Could you imagine if somebody stood up and said, ‘In a few years, we’re going to be able to eliminate black cul-ture?’ ” he says. “If hearing people saw the deaf community as an ethnic group with its own language as opposed to someone who is handicapped, then you wouldn’t have such a deep misunderstanding.”

I know a deaf girl who has cochlear implant. The parent is hard of hearing and they know ASL very well. I was impressed that their little girl is learning how to listen, speak properly, and use sign language too.

I think it is perfect example because she’s getting advantage from both worlds. What’s more, I was able to talk to her in ASL since I primarily use ASL. Unlike many another deaf children with cochlear implant that doesn’t know ASL at all – I couldn’t communicate with them directly. Good but long article from Pioneer Press: Click here.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

White House Tapes – transcripts

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I just discovered this site called website and its very interesting to read real conversation at White House during JFK administration.

Unfortunately, not all of transcripts are available at this moment but there’s some stuff you can read right away. What’s more importantly that I got his attention that some people out there that want to read transcripts and you should do it too :)



Yes, your response has been helpful.

I am looking forward more transcripts online in near future. It’s going be benefits for deaf community to understand depth of White House history.

Keep me posted if there are any new transcripts — if possible. Thanks!


On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 23:37:44 -0400, David Coleman wrote
Dear Mr. Laird,

Thank you for your note. The short answer is, there are some transcripts available and we’re working on the rest. Our primary objective is to produce reliable transcripts with historical context, but it’s a slow process.

We have published some for the Kennedy tapes for the period July-October 1962. Those are available on the website at:
There are two more volumes of transcripts also there that are accessible by using the “transcripts” link at the menu at left.

Within the next week or so we’re actually publishing book versions of 3 volumes of transcripts from the LBJ tapes for the period November 1963 through January 1964. More info on those volumes is at:
Those transcripts will only be available in book for 12-18 months or so, after which we will put them online.

We’re working on a number of other volumes, but given the poor sound quality of the tapes and various other distinctive features that make them unsually difficult to transcribe, rendering reliable transcripts is a painstaking process.

There are some very short segments available under the “Transcript+Audio Highlight Clips” and “Virtual Exhibits” sections on the main home page.

And finally, we have some other books that contain transcripts that are only available in book form. More info on those is at:

I hope this helps.

best regards,
David Coleman
Assistant Professor
Managing Editor, John F. Kennedy Project
Managing Editor,

Grant W. Laird Jr wrote:


Is there any transcripts available for those audios on

I am Deaf and I would love to know what they are saying too.


Grant W. Laird, Jr.