Comcast to Leave Dallas & Fort Worth

28 04 2005

Time Warner Cable logoOh no! Not again – that’s right; we are doing it all over again.

As you know we first have cable TV in 1995 when we purchased our house in Garland. The cable company called themselves TCI which also known as Tele-communication Inc. Not too long, they announced that they found a way to make cable to offer high speed internet and it’s already available in my area.

Of course, we are thrilled to have high speed internet at this time. It was like $49.99 a month – it was very expensive back then when not many people have one.

It wasn’t easy to setup cable on desktop because we are using Windows 98 at this time. We have to manually setup gateway, IP number, account, password, etc. Things get a lot easier since Windows XP make it very easy and automatically pick up by cable modem.

In 1999 during dot com boom, TCI was acquired by @HOME Company. Of course, it gets better and improves many things. Unfortunately, @HOME got acquired by ATTBI in couple of years later.

In 2002, Comcast acquired ATTBI broadband division which affect whole DFW community especially their email address. Lucky, I don’t use ISP email address as my primary – always used different one.

Recently, Comcast announced that they are leaving DFW for good. It will change within 6-12 months. We will have new high speed internet Cable Company called Time Warner Cable. Time Warner have been offering cable service everywhere in Texas except DFW area.

Time Warner Cable and Comcast officials said Wednesday that the changeover would be largely invisible to customers and probably won’t be completed for nine to 12 months.

“Comcast will work to make this transition a smooth one for our employees, customers and community partners,” said Sanford Ames, Comcast’s area vice president for the Dallas market.
Image that we people in DFW had to suffer so many changes over years. Probably more than 50% of Comcast subscribers have to change email address again. Not good. Nothing we can do but this new company should last long time. We will see.

I was told that Time Warner Cable is pretty good too. We will see.

By the way, as you know that we already have cable service debate in Supreme Court last month and they will announce final decision if cable service should halt monopoly scheme. So, we probably will see more changes ahead of us in few months.

To view Comast’s announcement – Click here.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

DHH – DFW at Dave & Busters – Successful

24 04 2005

We had approximately 250-300 at our recent DHH event — Dave & Busters in Frisco, Texas. Dave & Busters building is huge – many people didn’t know it has two floors and it’s next to mall. Very beautiful mall.

My wife Misty and I arrived early to have dinner before DHH begins. We are glad we did it because parking lots were packed and heavy traffic due to Saturday shopping.

Anyway, I spend $25.00 on power card and used it all. I had fun playing with some friends. Since I played quite a lot with video games, I did not really chat much with friends. Tokyo Cops video game is pretty good. That’s one I played more than another games.

I get to see some of my old classmate at DHH – it’s so good to see them! Hopefully they can come to DHH more often.

I finally had to chance to look at DHH photo gallery and saw more people that I didn’t see or chat at all. Well, this place is huge and many people also stay on 2nd floor because of smoking permitted there. Video games are on 1st floor. Thanks to Ronnie Smith for all pictures!

Let’s go over few things:

1. We didn’t know that Frisco (In Collin County) have different law than Dallas or Tarrant County. In fact they do closed public bar at 1:00 AM instead of 2:00 AM. A lot of people surprised including me & other committee but it’s not too bad. Many people ended up chatting outside the mall.
2. As you know that Dave & Busters is popular for great foods and a lot of games. (Video games, gamble-for-tickets & pool tables) yet 75% of people did not play at all. Just drinking and chatting.
3. A lot of people bring children to event. I knew Dave & Busters will not have any problem with it at all however they will stop letting children come in at certain time.
4. We continued still see many new faces at DHH event.
5. Next month will be at Jack’s Pub in Dallas near Greenville Ave.
6. We’ve got whole summer planned for DHH and will announce shortly.

See you guys at Jack’s Pub & Volleyball in Dallas on May 28th.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.