DHH DFW – Big crowd at Jack’s Pub

29 05 2005

DHH DFW committee knew that our May event is on Memorial’s weekend – we carefully select good location in Dallas which located at Jack’s Pub & Volleyball Club. It turned out it was big crowd even its bad storm during the day.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t play volleyball on the beach due to wet all over sands. Couple of people complained that it was too dark and too crowd but again we didn’t expect bad weather. We are happy with the results anyway – we had roughly over 250+ people.

I was told there’s small fighting outside the bar but I did not see it at all. However, it was taken care of pretty quickly by police. Glad we didn’t have to handle it ourselves.

Jack’s Pub did pretty good overall desperately no volleyball game and crowd in bar – they also serve some hot foods and appetizers. I heard they are pretty good too.

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Well, we will have our next DHH DFW event at Oasis Restaurant in Grand Prairie by Joe Pool Lake near Arlington. Adjacent to the marina, the Oasis, a floating restaurant, overlooks the waters of the lake and serves up foods and beverages. Also, they offers rental boat or we can bring our own one. Sound fun!!

Hopefully, there will be no bad weather this time.

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Grant W. Laird, Jr.

Slim cameras heavy on features

27 05 2005

Casio EX-S100Nice review about slim digital camera – it will help me find good one for my children this summer for birthday.

I purchased my very first digital camera – Casio QV-770 probably in 1997. I fell in love with it and used it so much – it was amazing back then unlike today. It doesn’t have any disk card slot or zoom but it has 4mb internal memory and it can only take 640×480 resolution.

This is my first taste of digital pictures and nobody heard of digital camera at this time.

I purchased it for $199 at Wal-Mart store. Two years later, I purchased Olympus C-3000Z digital camera which is far alot better and crispy picture. I had it for approximately 3-4 years before I purchased DSLR camera recently.

Today, Casio have newer and sleeker digital camera with loaded features in it. Same thing goes to several another vendors including Sony, Nikon, and Canon.

Most lack an optical viewfinder; you frame your photos using the screen. The USB, charging and TV jacks have generally been relegated to a docking stand that you have to remember to pack. You get manual control over ISO (light sensitivity), white balance (color cast) and exposure, but you can’t dial up a shutter speed or aperture setting. Zooming is limited to 3x.

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Grant W. Laird, Jr.