Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer

24 05 2005

tan boothWhoa!

I knew that many media are covering up one of the greatest secret – sunshine is good for you! At least, get some sunshine reach your body regularly to keep yourself feeling good plus possibly prevent cancer according to the article.

No one is suggesting that people fry on a beach. But many scientists believe that “safe sun” — 15 minutes or so a few times a week without sunscreen — is not only possible but helpful to health.

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Grant W. Laird, Jr.

How Star Wars Changed the World

22 05 2005

Star Wars - Wired.comAccording to article “How Star Wars changed the world,” you wouldn’t believe how much it impact world in 80’s and beyond.

Even after reading this article, I finally had chance to watch bonus material version DVD from Star Wars Trilogy. (It comes with Episode IV, V & VI) I was amazed how difficult it is to build one of the greatest movies in 1977 when technology is very limited.

If you get chance to look at “How Star Wars changed the World,” picture (based from Wired magazine) – you will see all well-known name, video games, movies, all stuff since Star Wars movie begins. Take a look – click here to view.

I remember that my classmate and I went to theatre and watch this movie. After that, I fell in love with it even there’s no captions back then. I started collecting Star Wars figures, posters, trading cards, bed spreads, curtain, light saber, PJ, t-shirts, etc. Too bad, I don’t have any of these anymore after my parent had ugly custody battle and my mother sold them all at pawn shop.

Anyway, check out two good articles from about George Lucas and his business.

* Life After Darth – Click here.
* The New Heart of the Empire – click here.
* Star Wars Trivia for fun – many of them discussed in bonus material DVD.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.