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29 06 2005

Deaf Coffee logoAs of July 2005, we have about 37 states and approximately 150 deaf chat coffee places. This is very summary — to see view full address, host name, email address, schedule, and map, please go to and click your state.

What an amazing accomplishment for two years old website.

We are continued looking into different ideas to keep it alive and well. By the way, we have some over left deaf coffee mugs – if you are interested to have one. Give me an email.

We have over 350+ different photos from many different states, if you are interested to post your local deaf coffee place, please email to us. It’s free. We also have Deaf Coffee e-mail-based mailing list — please feel free to sign it up anytime. Go to

we also support all over USA & Canada, for more details, please visit our website at — we do accept advertising on our website & newsletter. Contact us and find out or look up at our website.

If you are interested to start your own deaf chat coffee locally, please submit the form at and if you have any questions, please read our FAQ at

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

DHH DFW – Growing Pains

28 06 2005

June 2005 DHH DFWLast Saturday, DHH at Oasis Restaurant went very well – its crowd again as always. We had approximately 200+ during the evening. Lucky someone arrived early and got us nice big private room upstairs with bar. It ended up big full of deaf people drinking and chatting all night long.

As you know we are working hard to make DHH continue strong and successful these days. No questions about it. It’s been one and half year since DHH DFW launched. Same time, its growing pain – I will explain more in this letter.

Basically, we DHH committee set up date and location where everyone can get together once a month. We do not have money or paperwork under DHH organization and we all are doing it for good cause to keep deaf community alive.

The problem we are facing – people didn’t pay their unpaid ticket for foods and/or drinks. They either ran away or simply forgot about it. I was told they lost worth over $500 but I don’t believe it at all.

Unfortunately, we have this challenge that we need to deal with it. Otherwise, it will make our deaf community look really bad. We committee are very much humiliated about this situation very much. It’s been on going problem in the past few months that I know of. It was minor in the past. It was beyond out of our control.

DHH DFW - June 2005So far as I know, we expect Oasis Restaurant and others restaurant/pub to follow it up with any individuals who did not paid for it just like anybody else. If you know someone who failed to pay, please report it to restaurant. Personally, I think they did bad job collecting the money from people who didn’t pay.

We are willing to improve our procedure. We will contact manager and/or staff (as usual but this time we will mention about security measure) and enforce (nicely) them to do it differently because of thief concerns from the past. I think they should increase restaurant security protocol from their side but I can’t guarantee. 

It is same situation when some people bring children, underage, fighting, and other things; DHH is NOT responsible for all of it. We will follow restaurant’s policy and that’s it. We are not responsible for any inconvenience it may cause.

Hopefully, it will help keep it under control. If people continued abuse it, DHH probably should shut down period. It is ridiculous — really. We will have DHH committee meeting in few weeks before our next DHH DFW event. We will work it out and hopefully it will help keep it under control.

See you guys at DHH DFW at Sneaky’s Pete on July 23, 2005.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.