Lake Lewisville

24 07 2005

Misty & Grant Laird JrMisty and I left early to meet few friends at Sneaky’s Pete place and get ready to ride rental boat at Lake Lewisville. We had six people all together and we have good time pulling tube / skiing. One of the friend that did not ride with us, he has his own jet ski. He let some of us riding his jet ski – I don’t remember what kind it is but it is very nice one.

On our way back to Sneaky Pete’s place, lake is huge so it took us a while to get there. One of our friends drove pretty too fast on our boat and it got bumped very hard several times causing everyone to jump out of their seats. Unfortunately, Misty got hurt badly when it hit her back somehow – probably hit the seat very hard.

She was in extremely pain and we asked Bruce to drive on way back since he’s more experienced than other guy. Of course, I got pissed off because I hate to see her getting hurt. We had to drive little slower so it won’t bother her back so much.

When we arrived back to ramp, Misty and I immediately went home because she was still in pain. On the way home, we stopped by and purchased a heating pad at Wal-mart for her. She’s been resting as much as possible at home and she’s doing okay as of today. She probably will go see doctor on Monday to make sure everything is okay.

Of course, we missed the rest of the evening at DHH event – Sneaky Pete’s but I was told it went very well. As you can see pictures at our DHH DFW gallery, there are a lot of people there having good times.

We were supposed to have quick meeting to cover few things for our DHH DFW New Year Eve party but we did not. We already started working on it and got few good leads at this point. Hopefully we will reach final decision by end of July.

See you guys next month at Yucatan Liquid Stand in Coppell, Texas.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

City of Sachse, Texas – Chamber of Commerce

23 07 2005

City of Sachse, Texas - Certification from Chamber of Commerce

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Proudly member of City of Sachse, Texas (Near Garland & Dallas) – Chamber of Commerce. Owner: Grant W. Laird, Jr & Brenden Gilbert

Grant W. Laird, Jr.