DHH DFW – July meeting

20 07 2005

We had our DHH committee meeting last weekend and had good talk about remaining of DHH events and NYE event.

We talked about “Coconuts Club” and we agreed to host this one at Fort Worth area in September 2005. It will be first time we host restaurant and dance club this year. It will be our “test’ and see if anybody would dance. I knew majority DFW deaf community pretty good and we are not big fan of dance or music related.

July 23, 2005 – Sneaky Pete’s Beverages at Lewisville, Texas
August 27, 2005 – Yucatan Liquid Stand at Coppell, Texas
September 24, 2005 – Coconuts Night Club & Sport Bar at Fort Worth, Texas

We couldn’t decide what else we could host for October and November. We will decide other time.

Other things, we discussed about unpaid ticket. We realized that every restaurant is different. Lucky, Sneaky Pete’s has very good security and required ID from everyone unlike last month. One of our committee Ronnie knew their manager and told him about unpaid situation. We will remind them again that day. We will see…

One of the conversation I talked with local guy on AIM few days ago, he pointed that it is NOT our fault. It is simply that restaurant failed to do its job period. (Regarding unpaid tickets last month) Hopefully they will learn their lesson next time however we will continue and help keep it under control.


We had long talk about New Year Eve (NYE) for our DHH event. It’s going be challenge for us all to have NYE party because it will be our first time for DHH. Plus, we want to do it by rent a ballroom at hotel. That’s mean I will make a lot of calls next few weeks trying to find best deal in town.

Since DHH have no finance budget, that’s mean we probably will “borrow” my business funds to get it rolling. We also plan to include buffet and cash bar. Once we figure out how much all together, we will decide how much to charge per admission. Our goal is to have 200-300 people and it has to be 21 years old and up. No questions about it.

If you know any good place to rent ballroom in DFW area, please let me know. Thanks for all help!

See you at Sneaky Pete’s — For more about DHH DFW, please go to http://www.dhhdfw.com

Grant W. Laird, Jr.


19 07 2005


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Playing fun with PocketPC camera…more to come!!

Grant W. Laird, Jr.