Cool toolbar

30 08 2005

i711 toolbar sample

GoAmerica ( finally released its own toolbar for your convenience. I’ve played with it and it is very nice. It makes your job easier when navigate for phone number and dial right away. You will see "blue" highlight which means its detected by toolbar and ready to dial this number thru their relay service.

I used Yahoo Local to show you an example how it looks like. Click it to view larger size.

What’s included in this toolbar:

  • New Toolbar with ClickRelayTM
  • Relay: Make a relay call from any web page you visit.
  • i711 Speed Dial: Dial your important numbers in one click.
  • ClickRelay: Dial any phone number on any web site with one click!
  • Phone Book: Add or change numbers in your phone book.
  • Requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher on the Windows Operating System.
  • i711 Community: Access exclusive content through an easy menu.  (more information) (download)

Give it a try!!

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

UFC: The Ultimate Fighter

29 08 2005

UFC logoAnyone who loves to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will enjoy this new TV series called The Ultimate Fighter 2. It is similar to Survivor at Island, Average Joe, Americas Idol, or Hells Kitchen on TV.

Apparently I didnt know about it till recently which means I really miss entirely series of The Ultimate Fighter 1. It will be show every Monday evening on the Spike TV channel.

In my case, I always record it with my old Replay TV device this way I can watch it whenever I get chance to watch.

They just started 1st episode last week and three fighters already eliminated than its original plan. (split group – welterweight and heavyweight) It is tough than you really think. This is much bloodiest than regular boxing. Final player from welterweight and heavyweight will get three years contract and big bucks.

If you are not into this thing, dont bother to watch it. Their rules for fighting at UFC match is no poke eyes or kick their balls, the rest is up to you. Thats why its a lot more exciting than boxing.

UFC Rocks!

Grant W. Laird, Jr.