Gas Hike

19 08 2005

Gas PricesI know that everyone is concerned about gas price raise lately. It’s about $2.49 as of yesterday and its still very high. It may be continued for many more days – maybe till summer is over. I have no idea.

Meantime, if you need help how to save or watch gas price, try two website.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

CSD & Dallas

15 08 2005

Last Spring 2003, CSD of Dallas established their office serving Dallas & Fort Worth Deaf community. They hired Samuel Hawk from California as first person to setup and run the office at that time. However we were told that he had a six month contract with CSD at that time but the office lease was signed for one or two years.

I remember at that time, Samuel clearly told us that CSD established an office in DFW for two reasons – videophone / VRS outreach & study our local deaf community such as human resources, deaf clubs, and in general then report to CSD headquarter. Six months later, they replaced him with Kathy Walters from Tyler, Texas.

Before it happened, CSD of Dallas lost its bidding to Deaf Action Center of Dallas for  the regional specialist program which was funded by DARS. During that time, CSD won the bidding in several other regions such as Lubbock, Tyler, and San Antonio out of 13 total in Texas. I was told it is currently hurting CSD of Dallas without this program because otherwise they have nothing to offer except the videophone outreach.

However, CSD Headquarter made the decision to go with outreach program for Dallas and few another big cities such as Las Vegas since they are all funded by Sprint as part of their expand effort for VRS growth. I believe they were overwhelmed with this program and did not focus much on studying our local human resource service.

About two years before CSD opened their office in Dallas, the deaf community formed an organization called D.E.A.F., and we had 12 strong leaders in it. I was part of this program. It was very interesting but at the same time it was frustrating to convince the CSD headquarter to start one in Dallas because we were not happy with our local deaf-related organization. Herb Picou is probably the one who knows more about it than anyone – he successfully got over 2,000 people to sign the petition that we wanted CSD to start a human resources related program here.

Why? We knew CSD would do a better job serving deaf & hard of hearing community in Dallas because we didn’t have a good program for years. CSD has been successfully running programs in several other states and we want one established here too. CSD sent a representative to Dallas and meet with us for a public town hall (once) and a private meeting few times. It was a different representative every time they sent to meet us and it was nothing but long and frustrating.

We aren’t interested in the videophone outreach program at all. They claimed it was probably the best thing to start for now and  they would study local and as well as “attempt” to work out some kind of partnership with our local nonprofit organization like DAC. We had like two years to work on it and trying our best because we really deserve good strong program to serve our needs.

In fact, I saw the email transcripts that CSD representative contacted DAC director Nancy Parrish (I assume) and they showed me how poor CSD representatives handled their responses. If I remember correctly, one of the representatives was overwhelmed and did not response in timely because his wife was pregnant and all that. DAC told me that they were willing to work with CSD but it never happened.

Again, I am not here to blame anyone – I just wanted to share my experience what happened at that time. I do believe that CSD is a great organization and sometimes they didn’t do it like they could have. DAC has some very good programs for hard of hearing program but other than that, they simply don’t have a lot to offer for the rest of our deaf community.

Last July 2005, I heard that CSD of Dallas is starting an advisory committee. This time, they are being handpicked by the CSD of Dallas manager, Kathy Walters. So, I really hope they will make an every effort to push human resource program happen – we really need a good & strong program in Dallas & Fort Worth community. Unless they have something else in mind – we will see.

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Grant W. Laird, Jr.