Send a Message to the Future You

29 09 2005

I think it is pretty freaky or cool depending what you are thinking :) will send e-mail you compose at a day and time you request. Use it to remind yourself of an upcoming dental appointment or anniversary. Or write a letter to yourself about where you are in life and postdate it a year or five into the future. I’ve been using FutureMe for a couple of years and have found it very useful. 


Grant W Laird Jr.

Copyright infringement? Not sure…

27 09 2005

Take a look at this website…(It should be page)

Unfortunately, one of the TV shows (HBO at this case) copy his two photos and duplicates it for background purpose. It’s amazing that media companies like this would do anything stupid.

It really makes me re-think how I handle with all of my photos. I am worried about family thing, landscape, building, misc. that I shoot for memories, fun, and practice. They are still very good and anybody can take it easy while I may never know forever.

Creative Commons License

I do have Creative Common License logo (Some Rights Reserved) on this site left column for long time.  It’s supposed to protect all of my materials. They have several different levels to fit your expectation.

For more information, go to

It sucks…Read on.

Brandon’s photos ‘featured’ on Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be bloggers

Grant W. Laird, Jr.