TV Captioning Part 1 – Laws & Regulations

29 10 2005

TV Captioning Part 1 – Laws & Regulations

By Cheryl Heppner, 10/23/05

Many people who were unable to attend yesterday’s NVRC workshop on TV Captioning asked for us to share the information. Here’s Part 1 with a quick recap of the laws and regulations related to captioning on TV, followed by a list of challenges we face.

1. The Decoder Chip Bill
This law passed by Congress requires that all TVs with screens 13 inches or larger must have a built-in chip that will decode closed captions. The 13 inches refers not to length or width of the screen but to its diagonal. The decoder chip has also been required in all digital TV (DTV) receivers since July 1, 2002.

2. Digital TV Captioning
The analog broadcasts we’ve had since the beginning of television were to stop in December 31, 2006, but Congress may extend the deadline. In 2007, all TVs 13 inches or larger will have DTV tuners built in. DTV offers a clear picture and surround sound that gives a more movie-like experience. More than 1,400 TV stations across the U.S. are already broadcasting digitally while they continue their analog broadcasts.

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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Relief Website

28 10 2005

DHH Relief logoAbout two months ago after Hurricane Katrina hit hardest at Gulf coast. Several deaf people formed "team" and created D/HH Relief website where we can offer all free video & photos for anyone to read. Same time, they can donate any money toward to deaf community who hit hardest by any disasater like Katrina. Check it out!

Note: Not all deaf performer and storyteller video are available — will add more as time go by. It is something beyond out of our control because we don’t have resoruces till they send to us.

Website address:

To read press release: Click here.

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