What is CableCard?

24 11 2005

Cablecard picture

Misty and I want to have our own HDTV entertainment center for past two years. We finally had opportunity to look for it since we felt it is right time to shopping this year.

In fact, we just got our new HDTV under Mitsubishi brand. It is quite expensive but I hope it’s worth investment and as well as entertainment for our family. I also decided to go with DLP Technology under Texas Instruments which is supposed to be superior over another technology right now.

Past few days, I learned great deal about it such as cable card, high-definition format, TV guide program, HDMI-to-DVI, etc.

Since we already have existing basic cable plan, we have to call and upgrade our plan – this way we can view it in high-definition channels. At this point, we learned the difference between cable card and cable box. Basically, we don’t need cable box if you just want regular cable plan excluding Pay-Per-View (PPV), On-Demand, and other two-way services.

Cable card v1.0 is PMCIA size card and cableman simply insert it in back of the HDTV. (one time small fee but no extra monthly fee compare to lease cable box) It took few minutes to recognize its own IP address then it’s ready to go. It’s important to know about this because you cannot take advantage of digital caption if you are using cable box. In other word, you would have to use cable box’s digital caption setup. With cable card, it’s simply come straight with built-in cable box and it works like charm.

According to sources, there will be cable card v2.0 which supports PPV, On-Demand and other two-way services. Also, Microsoft will have its own Media Center on cable card in late 2006. I was amazing because I never knew about it till I got it – learned hard and fast way.

Anyway, I found good information that you should read if you want to understand better about cable card.

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Grant W. Laird, Jr.

Huge tattoo!

23 11 2005

My friend Rick got this one recently. He said it took over 3 hours to finish this tattoo. Geez!

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Grant W Laird Jr.