Conduct a search, make a donation

28 12 2005

magnifyIn case you did not know, you now can search whatever you want and eligible for prizes. Perhaps, you are better off search and all of your times searching funds will goes to charity of your choice. Is it good idea or what?

I would go with because they are giving away allot of cool prizes and cash and it’s based on Google search engine. is using Yahoo search engine — giving funds to charity can be good idea but I don’t think it is tax exemption. I am sure it will influence your decision if you really care about making the difference.

Well, let me know what you think after you try either one or both. It is new experiment — if you haven’t tried it, give it a try!

Like many other Web sites, a pair of online newcomers,Blingo and GoodSearch, license search technology from Google and Yahoo and earn a commission from the major search companies for any ads visitors click on when they are on or (Those ads are, like the search results, generated by Google and Yahoo.) Unlike other sites, though, both Blingo and GoodSearch give away portions of their revenue–as prizes or as donations to the users’ favorite charities.

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Grant W Laird Jr.

Pepsi captured #1 in the market for first time

27 12 2005

Real Pepsi inside Coke I knew Pepsi is best after all…kind of.

I remember when I was growing up; my father (Pepsi lover) and my uncle (Coke lover) always have fun argued each other which product is best. Over years, my dad seems to drink Coke more often than Pepsi. In fact, you really can’t stay same product forever – otherwise you will get tired of it.

Of course, Pepsi have been chased after Coke for number one for years. Since they are now offering widely variety of drinks including sports drink, spring water, healthy drink and etc – they are able to go ahead of the game with Coke. In fact, Pepsi earned profits more thru variety drinks than its own carbonated soft drinks according to USA Today article.

Today, Pepsi generates about 23% of its worldwide profit from carbonated soft drinks while Coke generates about 85% of its profit from carbonated soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Diet Coke, Levy says. "Pepsi recognized much earlier than Coke that carbonated soft-drink trends were at risk and that they needed to pursue non-carbs as well as snacks."

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Grant W Laird Jr.