LifeLinks VRS

30 01 2006

LifeLinks VRSOur newest VRS competitor – LifeLinks LLCThat’s right, no kidding.

LifeLinks originally designed for VRI service and as well as several cool products which exclusively for hospital and court purpose. They apparently saw huge opportunity in growth and jump into VRS industry. They are still baby company and they are expected to grow strong in few years.

Since they gave LifeLinks presentation in Fort Worth last Saturday — it is little bit different than another VRS vendors. They are not currently offering videophone at all…not yet. Meantime, they are focusing on webcam-based VRS. Also, you can pick VRS operator whichever you like best. You will see picture of each available operator inside Sightspeed software.

Sightspeed software support both PC and Mac. They also support multiple video users same time – I think up to four a time. I can’t remember.

They also offering free Internet access for one year and will give you webcam if you don’t have one.

If you are interested to try it out, you need to do few things first. You will need to use your webcam. (not videophone)

After you install your web cam, go to internet page to download software and register.

When you are finished downloading and register, send an email to and give her your sightspeed email address that you will use for VRS.


Grant W Laird Jr.

Photoblog: TV Remote

29 01 2006

Mitsubishi TV remote

 TV Remote (macro version) — Make sure you click picture to view bigger one.

Grant W Laird Jr.