WordPress vs. B2evolution

28 03 2006

New Blogsite screenshotIt’s been a year and half since I officially use b2evolution program for my blogsite. I am sorry I was pretty much have no choice but to abandon it due to poorly spam and refers system. It caused a lot of bandwidth and loads on our server.

Before I used b2evolution, I did test with few other programs such as WordPress, Blogger, Mambo, and few other programs. I picked it because it offers a lot of features at this time. I knew WordPress is supposed to be good but it lack multiple blogsite under same account back then.

Last weekend, I did re-consider heavily on either Movable Type or Expression Engine over WordPress but WordPress is only one that is free and offers plenty of themes and plug-ins. It was easy decision – I pick WordPress not because it’s free but there’s more in it.

Other things that worry me the most is converting into different blog program. I found converter script at WordPress forum and asked Brenden to help me with it. We did it with no problem. Only one thing that I have to fix manually is all of pictures link. It is partially my fault – I should have use different directory rather than use inside b2evolution directory.

Most important of all, all old links will not work once I closed it permanently. That’s mean some of you may have to re-fix it so you will continue getting feeds from my blogsite. Of course, it is good experience for me to go thru all of it. I didn’t think I can do it before but I am glad I did it anyway.

I already installed WYSIWYG Editor inside WordPress. To me, it is a must. I also installed mini-calendar on it. Neat stuff. Now, I need to work on few things – add my blogroll back in action. I also need to some more cool stuff on my sidebar. Hopefully it will cooperate with me.

Other things about WordPress’ advantage – handful of deaf bloggers use it too. This way we all can share and help each other :)

Grant W Laird Jr.

New Blog Program – WordPress

27 03 2006

Effective today – Brenden helped me convert my B2evolution database into WordPress program. Everything looks good except few broken pictures and links.

I will work on it from time to time. Meantime, feel free to make an comment right away – this time you don’t have to register like before.

Give it a try!!

Grant W Laird Jr.