Verizon XV6700

22 03 2006

Verizon XV6700 It’s been few weeks now since I got my Verizon XV6700 replaced with XV6600.

It’s pleased to know that XV6700 has numbers of improvement over old one. One of the biggest improvements is its window version – it is Windows Mobile 5.0 now while older one cannot upgrade at all. Only one bad thing is I had to purchase different kind of SD memory card – this one require mini-SD card. 

My three biggest improvements on XV6700:

1. Windows Mobile 5.0
2. Comfortable keyboard function (nice slide out)
3. Wi-fi support

As you know that all cell phone provider now offer similar to XV6700 – all of them have Windows Mobile 5.0 including T-Mobile. Many people confused with this one compared to Sidekick II. In fact, they both are completely different.

Two weeks ago, Danger, Inc announced that they will stop make Sidekick II devices. That’s mean they are prepare to release Sidekick III very soon – more likely this fall.

Often people will ask me which one is better in long run, reliability and good price. T-Mobile and Sidekick II remains strongest in this category. Blackberry is probably pretty good, too but if you have it under Sprint or Verizon, it is more expensive because of high-speed wireless network available. Don’t be surprise Sidekick III may be increase since it is more likely will support high speed wireless network. (I hope not)

Read comparison – click here.

Grant W Laird Jr.

21 03 2006 is new service – pretty cool stuff. They have free and paid service. For starter, you should play with free version and get the idea.

I did about 20 pictures (they recommend between 20-36 pictures) and putting all together automatically by this website. I copy scripts from them and put it on my website. Very easy.

Sorry about mess in my computer room – Take a look – PictureCloud PC Room 

Also, check out my backyard – Take a look – PictureCloud Backyard

Picture clouds bring photos to life by showing items on the web from a new perspective. With a little creativity, you can now show items online just like you see them in person. Whether it is a house for sale, or a fun 360 of yourself, picture clouds are easy to create and easy to post. No software to download, no special cameras needed, and no signup is required, and best of all – picture clouds are free.

Picture clouds can…
•Show around items up to 360°
•Assist in consumer buying decisions
•Be created in under 5 minutes
•Be placed in your web pages, auctions, blogs, personals, emails, and more…

Try it out! Go to 

 Grant W Laird Jr.