Need to develop more like vp-200 units

29 04 2006

Sorenson Media will allow anybody to call their favorite VRS vendor thru vp-100 unit starting July 1st. Also, Sorenson will start distributing vp-200 products sometime this summer. Everyone will get one eventually. It will take time.

Anyway, Sorenson Media expects everyone to use their product exclusively especially with vp-200 units. Even anyone doesn’t have to use Sorenson VRS at all. Will people continue using their service? Yes, I believe so. Will it hurt their own VRS after they open to all vendors? I don’t think so since they are now in VRI and internet relay service business.

There are a lot of vendors out there that make “webcam” or something better (Logitech, Linksys, D-Link, etc.) but they are no matched with vp200 units. I wonder maybe Sprint, CSDVRS, Hamilton, MCI, and others should team with one of those vendors. This way, they can develop one as good as vp-200 units.

It would create healthily competition for VRS industry. Don’t you think so?

I guess only time will tell us. Hmmm…

Grant W Laird Jr.

Comcast DVR with dual tuner

28 04 2006

Comcast DVR - DCT6412We finally got Comcast DVR built-in cable box. The model is DCT6412 which support dual tuner and whole DVR package. I am so happy to have DVR back since our old replaytv unit couldn’t used anymore on our HDTV.

Why dual tuner? It is better than using splitter (old way) — even it works just fine with replaytv unit. The dual tuner lets you do two things at once: watch a live program while recording another, record two programs that are on at the same time — or even watch a previously recorded program while recording another. I doubt I will ever do that however it will allows me to use rewind and look miss the part of the show. This unit support hd or digital format which is really nice.

Also, I was able to nagivate the TV Guide via this unit pretty fast. Overall, it’s worth to have one. It’s only $10 a month including everything else in this unit.

Closed captioning (CC) works very well. Make sure you enable it thru its unit setting if you want to watch CC on HD format shows.

For more information about this DVR unit: go to

Grant W Laird Jr.