Did Lifelinks VRS misleading deaf community?

22 04 2006

Lifelinks VRS logoI received this letter from Lifelinks VRS last week. It is rather disappointment — I was able to receive free webcam from them directly. They also paid my Comcast account for one month but they probably already cancelled my account.

One of my friend said if it is too good to be true, it probably won’t last and he was right. I know that many deaf people signed up when they were in Fort Worth during Abababa Tour last February.

Did Lifelinks VRS misleading deaf community? I wonder…sigh. 

From: Lifelinks Customer Service customerservice@lifelinks.net
To: Lifelinks Customer Service

Subject: Discontinuation of Free Web-Cam and High Speed Internet Reimbursement Program

Dear LifeLinks Users,

On behalf of LifeLinks, we would like to thank you for using our service. LifeLinks is honored to be the Deaf community’s VRS and we are determined to provide communication for a better world.

We are sad to announce that our free Web-Cam offer and High-Speed Internet reimbursement program have ended. Web-Cams will no longer be distributed and we are no longer accepting new applications for free High-Speed internet. However, we are proud to say that we have donated all web-cams in stock, and during this offer thousands of Web-Cam’s were given away and we were able to install High-Speed Internet into hundreds of households.

Unfortunately, our offers have been abused and we have recently found that many of our gifts were obtained by those /outside/ of the Deaf community. For this reason we are forced to place all current internet payments on hold until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you be patient during this process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service representatives:

Email: customerservice@lifelinks.net
VP#: (request customer service rep)
TTY#: 212 714-9889

On behalf of LifeLinks, we would like to thank you for sharing yourselves with us and allowing us the opportunity to fulfill our mission of being the community’s VRS.

The LifeLinks Family 

Grant W Laird Jr.

Caption Online?

21 04 2006

Note: I did summarize what this is all about in my video in ASL. It is about five minutes long. I hope I did okay on it. Let me know what you think after you watch this video.

As you know we already celebrated 25th anniversary with closed captioning since its 1st launched. Closed captioning is one of the biggest breakthroughs for deaf community. We all now can learn and enjoy TV shows. Believe it or not, it is not perfect at first time – it took years to become common feature everywhere.

Just keep in mind that captioning on video online is not mandatory. This is something that there’s people (NAD, congressman, etc.) are working on it and push it into law in near future. My biggest concern is that if we don’t have solution for it, then they may have slim chance to get it pass.

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