Jessica Graduation Slideshow

20 05 2006

Jessica Graduation DVD menu

Past two weeks, I spend great time working on slideshow for my older daughter (from baby to recent photos; about 275 of them) – about half of those photos I had to scan all of them and another half are already digital pictures since 1999 – I had Casio digital camera back then.

It is not first time I have done it – I did it recent for my father-in-law slideshow and as well as Christmas. It is a lot of fun. I mentioned it twice on my blog earlier. Take a look: Click here and click here.

Lucky, I have cool EPSON RX700 (multi-functions printer) and it allows me to scan multiple photos. It even automatically crop and split into each file – it make my job much easier. Then we rename them all into new folder and numbers in order; I don’t want to mess with original files. I transferred all of them into my favorite Ultra Nero 6.0 software.

Also, I went ahead and added few mp3 files (song) but I don’t know what she likes. I asked another daughter to help me getting those songs. Lucky she is big ipod/itunes fan.

I put 10 seconds per picture and 2 seconds per “special effects” (random) in between. It ended up total about 45 minutes long on DVD disc. Also, I added 10 minutes video from Graduation Day in it. It works out beautifully.

Everyone at graduation party have good times.

P.S. To view 10 minutes Graduation Day video online: click here.

Grant W Laird Jr.

Firefox Myths?

18 05 2006

Firefox Myths logoAlan mentioned Firefox myths which catch my attention. For some reason, I saw this website but never check it till now.

Basically, they nailed it.

Not too long ago, I talked with one of guy from – I told him they are being biased. It is full of misleading. He got bitch at me for saying that. Whatever.

Now, I feel better that it doesn’t matter which browser you use, just use latest version and you will be fine. Really.

Grant W Laird, Jr.