Our own telephone numbers

30 07 2006

Telephone thru InternetEveryone is talking about “universal” 10-digits phone number for deaf community. Finally.

Like Kelby Brick explained on his video, we need to find a way to launch 3rd party system to handle it. Make it easier for both worlds to call each other. No more special local or 800’s phone call to relay service.

I want to make comment we should be included IP-based relay service online and IP-based Captel service – not just videophone. I want to see both have same service as videophone including phone number. It would be awesome!

Right now, I have my own number (provided by MY IP RELAY) where hearing folks can call me thru AIM. Also, I have my own number (provided by CSDVRS/SPRINT) where hearing folks can call me thru videophone. I have different number on my videophone for my friends to call me. It is insane!

Maybe we should use something like skype-style service. 3rd party service can offer and allows us to select provider when I get relay call thru videophone or IM and set up my own number. Also, you can prioritize which service mode you want 1st, 2nd, etc. For example, if videophone is off or I am not home, it will automatically go to my IM or another alternative of my choice. It should come with answer service and email or SMS service in case we didn’t see the phone ring. (Don’t have in some case)

It would be a hell of service :)

You can find the link at http://www.nad.org/fccnumberaction

To learn more about this issue, go to http://www.nad.org/vpnumbersystem

Click on this URL to access and fill out the FCC short comment form: http://www.nad.org/FCCRelayLink  

Iron Man Movie

25 07 2006

Iron Man Movie Poster - May 2008

 Iron Man Movie!!

I’ve been reading Iron Man comic since I was little boy. I purchased my first comic book which is Iron Man and went crazy about it every since.

Iron Man is nothing like Spider-man or X-Men – all of those superheroes are special power or some kind of alien in them. Tony Stark who wear Iron Man armor and he has no special power. He depends on latest technology to make him powerful with his armor.

About two years ago, I found out that there’s a rumor that they are thinking about making movie for Iron Man comic but they kept delaying due to finding right scripts, right people and all of that. Last weekend, Comicon 2006 at San Diego, Marvel Team announced that Iron Man is one of three characters that will goes into movie. The tentative date is May 2008. Another two characters are Ant-Man and Hulk 2.

Iron Man’s villain in this movie will be Mandarin.

If you love Iron Man as much as I did, you should sign up forum where they will keep us updated regularly with many questions answered about this movie. Also, you should visit Iron Man fan website at

P.S. I am no DC fan – I am Marvel fan :)

They also released its 1st Iron Man Movie poster. (See above) By the way, Spider-man 3 and Ghost Rider movie are coming in Summer 2007. They looks so cool. I cant wait!!

Grant W Laird Jr.