Fair Park at Dallas

24 07 2006

State's Fair FairgroundLast Friday we went to Fair Park – well known event in Dallas community. They have many different building such as The Science Place, IMAX, Planetarium, Africian America MuseumThe Women’s Museum, Museum of Nature and Historic, Texas Discovery Gardens, Dallas Summer Musicals, State’s Fair, Dallas AquariumHall of StateDallas Railway Museum, etc.

Fair Park at Dallas, TexasOur famous State’s Fair only open during September to October every year. This is only one-of-kind event anywhere in Texas. I always contact them to get interpreter schedule for this event and share with our Deaf Network of Texas mailing list.

The Women's MuseumWe are experience little dry this year. As you can see this lake water level is very low than usual. It caused bad foul smell when you walk by it. Phew! It looks like mini-swap.

There’s flashy color pictures all over on wall inside The Women’s Museum – shows all those famous women from America. My two girls enjoyed it every much. If you guys ever come to Dallas, you should stop by Fair Park as family get together event.

The Science Place - Dallas, TexasThis is cool space age clock. it shows what time it is when you are in space and comapred to Earth time. See picture to get the idea — you will see alot of digital clock in it. Very interesting!

This one I took picture inside Texas Discovery Gardens and we can see fairground over there. It’s amazing when you see everything nearby. My kids and I didn’t to every place but we try to attend different every time we go Fair Park.

You can see more pictures – click here.

Grant W Laird Jr.

Caption Online Part 2

23 07 2006

I know several deaf bloggers have been doing some experiment with caption/subtitle lately.

I am proud to say that I was able to learn how to add “look real” caption on video.

A fellow name James Short (www.harkle.com) who have been patiently assisting me how to create “real” caption with black background. Almost like real one on TV.

You will see 33 seconds of my video (old video) with captioned in it. I did not do it well at first time but I did alright overall. If you guys want to learn how to make one like that, please feel free to give it a try!

It is not just new experience for me but I find it challenge to make "transcript" before you start adding into it.

Click here to read Magpie2 tutorial online – it show you how to make one for all three different formats. (Quicktime, Windows Media, and Real)

Also, read my first post which leads James to jump and suggest me to give it a try at this link – make sure you get to read comment too. Thanks, James Short!

The real question is which procedure is easy and quick way to add caption/subtitle? If you think your method is better and faster than other, please share it with us :) 

Jared Evans provided his own "How to add subtitle to video" procedure on his blog site, check it out. Click here.

Grant W Laird Jr.