Time to try RSS Reader

22 07 2006

RSS logoTop tech kept saying we need to stop using mass mailing list and start use RSS. They are right but unfortunately RSS stuff is slowly evolved around especially in deaf community.

RSS have been around for almost 10 years but it did not get off fast till few years ago.

I am proud to say that our Crazy Technologies LLC division Deaf Network (RSS link) of Texas and Florida mailing list does support RSS/ATOM feeds. Which means anyone with RSS Reader (standalone-based or web-based) can take advantage of it and eliminate subscriptions via email address. It helps reduce spam – big time.

It is very exciting however I am not going push you. I urgently you to give it a try! I do use it personally but not all the times. I just can’t find perfect program for me yet. Maybe Bloglines.com will be good start for you. Jared showed how to add deafread.com blog as example into bloglines.com – take a look. Click here.

It may be off slow at first time if you never try this way before. It is perfect okay. Over times, it will be paid off. Also, many services do support export/import which should be easy to try it out different service without starting over.

Just remember, RSS Reader doesn’t work if their website doesn’t support RSS/ATOM. For example, CNN website doesn’t support it – you would still have to stick old way for now but many website like WashingtonPost.com or DallasNews.com do support it. You even can select which category (business, sports, etc.) to add on your RSS Reader list.

If you are member of deaf-related YahooGroups.com, many of them RSS feeds enabled which can add to your RSS list easily. Remember, it is okay to have as many as 200 or 1,000 — it is pretty normal.

How do you know if they support it? Look for RSS/ATOM logo. (See above)

For example, we now have deaf-related website with RSS support such as DeafRead.com, DeafToday.com and Deaf-Blogs.com – it’s been wonderful because it helps less emails in your inbox. I sure hope others will follow in near future.

Almost all blogsite such as WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Xanga.com have built-in RSS feeds. Look up Jared’s blog and read how to find your blog RSS link.

How do you get RSS Reader? There’s plenty freeware and free trial program out there.

Web-based and/or Web-based Add-On RSS Reader: (all free)

Standalone & Add-On RSS Reader

Personally, I don’t know which program that most people like the best. There’s a lot more RSS Reader out there and I only listed few of them. If you see something I overlook, let me know.

Also, you should take advantage of del.icio.us free service. This service is a lot like your personal bookmark or favorite list online. This is great because you will never lose this way in case your computer data got destroy, lost, or stolen. It is also great when you’re on multiple computers all the times.

Grant W Laird Jr.

CSDVRS Public Videophone with VRS

17 07 2006

CSDVRS Public Videophone

This is interesting stuff.

I am sure that many places (private or public) with large deaf population will get it installed right away. Also, it would be nice if we can get it installed at airport. (probably eventually) They are going have a lot of possibilities with this device.

It doesn’t say if we can use this public videophone to call friend or relative’s videophone. Of course, it would be plus if we can call anyone – not just VRS. Can we use it to call 911 emergency services? I guess we will find out soon!

I know Sorenson VRS have similar idea but nothing like this. They simply use "public booth" to anyone who need it at public places like Galladuet University. See this website link to get idea what it is like and it is not same as CSDVRS public videophone.

Click here (PDF format) to view CSDVRS Public Videophone with all details in it or read it on text only version in yellow box below.

The First Publicly Accessible Videophone

CSD is proud to announce their new VRS capable Video Payphone. Businesses, Public Accommodations, and Government facilities now have a practical way to provide access to VRS for their deaf and hard of hearing customers.

Free Access to VRS where you need it, when you need it!

. Hotels . Airports . Shopping Malls . Schools . Travel Plazas . Train/Bus Stations . Sports Parks . Bowling Alleys . Government Buildings . Hospitals . Amusement Parks . Coffee Houses

• Single Button Connection to CSDVRS -Access The Best Interpreters Anytime!
• Brilliant 10” Color Daylight Visible Display
• 1/4” CCD Sensor With Low Light Capabilities
• Alphanumeric Keypad
• Stay Informed When You’re Away

Public Access Phone VRS . Point-to-Point . Voice

Available Exclusively Through CSD.

– Display Supports News, Entertainment, and Local Advertising

Communicate — Everywhere!
. Single Button Connect to CSDVRS. -The Best Interpreters Anytime.
. Point-To-Point Video Calls.
. More Features Coming Soon!

For More Information Contact: Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc.
102 N. Krohn Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
Telephone: 605-367-5760
Email: Videophone@c-s-d.org

About Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc.

Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. (CSD) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing broad-based services, ensuring public accessibility and increasing public awareness of issues affecting deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Through global leadership and a continuum of quality communication services and human service programs, CSD provides the tools conducive to a positive and fully integrated life.

Grant W Laird Jr.