Captioned Media Program

30 08 2006

CMP logoHow many of you guys ever use NAD-based Captioned Media Program (CMP) service?

My deaf parent used it all the times under different name in 70’s and 80’s. We love to watch 8mm movie every weekend then passed it to another deaf family.

Of course, we don’t do that anymore. VHS and DVD are now majority in their service. In fact, we still use it from time to time. We checked few educational films (great for research) where you probably won’t find it at public library or Netflix.

CMP is getting bigger these days. They have website where you can check stuff anytime. No big & thick book every year which save them thousand dollars annually. They also have many classic DVD movies.

Now, they are in it with PBS to promote cartoon TV Kid (Maya and Miguel) show with deaf characters in it. How cool is that? Too bad I don’t have small children anymore but if you know anybody, please pass it around.

In case you wonder, it is open to anybody — not just for school stuff.

To read press release: click here. (including downloadable materials)

The Captioned Media Program (CMP) has formed a partnership with Scholastic Media to help raise deaf awareness through a groundbreaking episode of Maya and Miguel that features a deaf character who uses ASL to communicate. The episode, “Give Me a Little Sign,” will premiere on September 25 and will continue to broadcast daily until Friday, September 29, in celebration of Deaf Awareness Week (September 24–30, 2006). This episode will also be broadcast with open captions (this is a first for PBS KIDS GO!sm programming).

Is snake deaf?

28 08 2006

Aww, don’t be scare of this one. This is one of the most friendliest snakes we ever had. This is our 1st time to have and it’s been fun for last two years. Of course, you can’t play balls or toys with it but otherwise it’s always interesting to have it crawling all over you. Hehe…

We do feed her once every 3-4 weeks with dead mouse regularly in feeding cage. She’s been doing very well.

Did you know that all snakes are deaf? If you don’t believe it, click here and it will tell you more details! Actually they haven’t figured it out if they are really really deaf? Actually they are more of hard of hearing (maybe?) — they can’t hear high frequency.

Snake is full of fun and mysterious :)

The 1988 edition of The New Encyclopedia Britannica says:

This fact [that there is no external ear], together with a seeming indifference to airborne sounds, has led to the supposition that snakes are deaf or that they can perceive only such vibrations as reach them through the ground on which they crawl.

This supposition is incorrect; snakes are sensitive to some airborne sound waves and are able to receive them through a mechanism that serves as a substitute for the tympanic membrane…

Although the sensitivity of the snake ear varies with the species, it is appreciably sensitive only to tones in the low-frequency range, usuallythose in the region 100 to 700 hertz.

(Volume 27, Sensory Reception)

For more information about this type of snake – ball python. Click here. (wiki)

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