Bad Storm Video

28 08 2006

Last night (about 4:00 PM) we had unexpected bad thunderstorm in Dallas area for less than one hour. It also caused my area electric outage for about 30 minutes. All is fine now — nothing serious but you will see this one with so many branches (small and big) fell off trees just in one resident street. Must be really strong wind during this time!!

Sorry about sloppy video, I did it with my PocketPC XV6700 — at least you get the idea.


10 More WordPress Plugins

27 08 2006

Note: This is six minutes long. Click here to view pop-up video from my server.

I had several comments regarding WordPress Plugins couple of weeks ago. It’s positive feedbacks and I decided to do another 10 more WordPress plugins. It get little harder because some of them you probably don’t need it at all. You decide.

To view my last vblog about WordPress plugins, click here. Enjoy!

Add Sig – Add a custom signature to the bottom of posts with the author’s information.

Home-Page Control – Allows you to put pages on the same permalink level as the blog’s directory and to set which page you want to be the “home” page. Go to Options » Home-Page Control to adjust the settings.

KG Archives – sortable archives page. It’s great if you have alot of archives. More archives stuff plugins – click here.

Links Page – Output links onto a static page, filtered by a dropdown list. It’s great if you have alot of links in your wordpress. (Scroll down little and look for Links Page) More links plugins – click here.

Netflix plugins – Displays info from your Netflix account. This includes text and images via RSS feed. By Albert Banks. Also, you need to install Netflix widget. (click here) Weather Sticker – Adds a sidebar widget to display the standard Weather.

Crawl Page – This generator will create a crawl page for your WordPress blog. (You may have to ask me for file if you can’t find it)

WP-Stats – Display Your WordPress Statistics. (Nothing fancy but nice plugins) 

Google Sitemap – This generator will create a Google compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. If you are not familiar with it, skip it.  Google Analytics and Google Adsense also available if you are familiar with it, too.

MeeboMe – They now offer MeeboMe widget based on This is perfect tool for "customer service" or just for fun. I turned it off on my site but I will turn it on whenever I need it up there. I wrote little about it, click here for more details.