How to add Relay Service Program on Blackberry

19 08 2006

How to install relay service program on your Blackberry (If you want to view this video thru my site, click here or youtube account – click here.)

Personally, I like to use both direct program and AIM-based relay program. It works like charm. Note: Every carrier may be slightly different. This is Nextel Blackberry 7520 model.

Let’s use Sprint Relay as an example: 

  1. Go to Internet Bowser icon and click
  2. Type
  3. It will pop up saying if you want to install Sprint Relay software
  4. Press Yes
  5. It will take few minutes to download (it will show scroll bar)
  6. It will let you know when it is ready to install
  7. It probably will ask you to restart Blackberry
  8. It may ask you to accept “ports” permission – if so, accept all (one time)
  9. After restart, go to Sprint icon and give it a try
  10.  Enjoy!

There’s more details how to install on your Blackberry models. Too bad they doesn’t have ASL video for it but they are step by step instructions. I don’t know if another relay service offers relay service software for Blackberry. (Not IM client or AIM-based)

If you are die-hard Blackberry fan, you should check this site – a lot of useful information: click here.

More information how to install Sprint Relay Service on Blackberry:

More information how to install Relay Service on Blackberry:

More information how to install IP-Relay Service on Blackberry: 


Deaf-Related Business Blog

19 08 2006

Do you know any deaf-related business has its own blog site weside regular website?

Maybe few – I don’t know since I didn’t get opportunity to look everywhere. Maybe you do know some, if so, let us know.

I really think it’s awesome to have one like that. In fact, a guy name Robert “RG” Giuntoli started his blogsite exclusively for Sprint relay service in Texas.

Visit his website:  

His goal is simple – he wants to reach everyone in Texas. It is also designed where anybody can make comment instantly. Also, it allows people to learn more about Sprint’s relay service where some people never knew they do offers like Sprint on your Blackberry or how to add Sprint on your AIM, etc.

What’s more, he can update his travel event frequently himself where we can watch latest events. Sprint often host or sponsor events all over in Texas. He plans to add more video on his blogsite near future.

This is very exciting – I hope all other deaf-related business will follow. It is perfect for all relay service business, online business, etc. Deaf and hard of hearing community in Texas are lucky to have him!

P.S. If you prefer to view this video thru my site: click here. (It will pop up new browser) Also, this is NOT paid advertising. account – click here.

UPDATED: I forgot about this one. Another perfect example of deaf related business blog — go to