11 09 2006

 My family and I went to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas last weekend. We never seen this ride called ACME Rock-N-Rocket (see video above) before – it was really cool one. It’s been few years since last time we went there.

ACME Rock-N-Rocket – Go into orbit as the rocket and its 50 passengers make several exhilarating 360 degree loops before swinging back earthward to a gentle stop.

Misty and kids kept yelling like crazy. We had good times. Next time, I will try and do videos during thrill ride like Titan, Shockwave, and/or Texas Giant. I wonder if it is possible. Hmmm…

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Where can I find more Deaf-related Joke Video?

10 09 2006

Where can I find more deaf-related joke video? It can be famous joke, cool ASL expression, ASL short story, etc.

Note: I am pretty sure that someone else can tell this joke in ASL better than I do but you get the idea :)

Recently I saw this recent funny video from about Ken showing off fake woman’s body t-shirt inside his button shirt to his friends thru videophone. This is perfect example.

It would be nice if someone (anybody) create blog style (WordPress, for example) with new deaf-related joke posted once a week. It would be awesome!!

Is anyone working on it? Feel free to copy my idea. If you need help developing blog-style website, contact me and I will be more than happy to help you get start.

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