150th TSD Homecoming

11 10 2006

Note: I did quick video after TSD Homecoming at 1:00 AM – I may be little under the influence of alcohol at hotel room. Hehe…

I spend whole weekend at Austin for 150th Anniversary Texas School for the Deaf Homecoming and few other activities. It was beautiful weekend – nice and sunny. Nothing too hot like summer.

Part of the reason, I came over there whole weekend because I provided small workshop for several deaf people there to understand little better about WordPress. We all ultimately will use it as primarily tool for their future website. Very exciting.

While I am in town, I went to Austin Association of the Deaf (AAD) for their 60th Anniversary. I was told there’s over 200 people mostly senior citizen and older folks there due to TSD Alumni activities. (Hall of Fame awards) Also, CSD Interpreting Service had its annual award presentation, too. Very nice!! I was told that DPHH Austin had nice crowd there too that evening – I didn’t attend.

What’s more, RG from Sprint Relay gave away huge sign with light inside with imprint glasses over on it saying “Austin Association of the Deaf” and link to “www.SprintWithRG.com“ What a great marketing idea!!

I took a lot of pictures during the day and evening. You also will see some pictures of Vernon the Magic from Big Spring, Texas. He performed outdoor magic show and he did terrific job! He reminded me a lot like Matt “Magic” Morgan.

See pictures: http://gallery.deafnetwork.com/aad60

Of course, many of my family members were in town. It was so good to see them all particularly my cousin Patricia & Lee and my sister Grace & her daughter Kacey thoroughly the weekend. My step mother Donna and Aunt Kathy were in town as well.

On Saturday, we went to TSD campus for its 150th Anniversary Homecoming. It’s my first time and its tremendous experience for me. I took over 200 pictures during the day and at the football game. I was told they had about 50 booths – about half are in business and half is more of fundraising thing. I can’t believe I saw so many people I knew from DFW area.

See pictures: http://gallery.deafnetwork.com/tsd_homecoming2006  

On Sunday morning, I went to Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD) board meeting. I haven’t been to TAD meeting since I left administration about two years ago. It was so good to see everybody there. I am very exciting that TAD is going to WordPress-based website!! More details on it soon!

See pictures: http://gallery.deafnetwork.com/tsdhc_boardmeeting

To view video: my server: click here; YouTube.com: click here; and Google Video click here.


Hawk Relay LLC

4 10 2006

Hawk Relay LLC logoHawk Relay LLC is one of the newest VRS vendors on the market. We should see few more vendors coming out of the closest in near future.

I happen to know Samuel Hawk personally. He is the founder of this company. He understood deaf community and VRS industry very well. I know he will do it very well.

I remember few years ago when Sam and I went to Starbucks one time. We did experiment with webcam & laptop to make VRS call. We were surprised we were able to make calls thru T-Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots. We eventually did it more often during deaf chat coffee in Dallas area.

I haven’t tried their service yet but feel free to give it a try! One of the nicest thing about their website, they actually use real deaf and hard of hearing people on their top part of the website rotation. You probably will see me on it too!

You can look it up right now – go to http://www.hawkrelay.com

VRS IP ADDRESS: dialhawk.com

Hawk Relay LLC – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Owned and Operated