Old article from Parade Magazine

27 11 2006

Parade Magazine - May 13, 2001 CoverRemember old article from Parade Magazine called “They’re breaking the sound barrier.”?

This article published on May 13, 2001 by Lou Ann Walker (Two pages – see PDF format file below) — page 4 and 5.

<– Parade Magazine cover with Suzanne Somers

I found this old article in my box today and decide to scan it – I bet some of you never saw it before. Image it’s already five years since it’s published. It generally talks about technology that makes difference in deaf community.

Looking back five years seems not long ago especially all those technology we have now are generally pretty much same but better in many ways. It even talks about TTY but we are already virtually left them into dust – at least most of us do!

I wonder if we are evolving little slower than it should be. (Five years) Couples of things that are big impact last few years are Video Relay Service / videophone and deaf blogosphere. What else? It would be nice if they will do follow-up article five years later…

It also talked about few well known successful deaf people such as Gregory Hlibok (stockbroker), Carolyn Stern (doctor), Alexis Kashar (lawyer), and Marvin Herbold. (Software developer) It also showed timeline from hearing aid to closed captioning to cochlear implant to relay service since 1892.


Does TV Wonder Pro support CC? Part 2

26 11 2006

In case you didn’t get chance to read Part 1, click here.

I finally get chance to play little more time with ATI TV Wonder Pro with Remote Control.

I’ve tried with latest version of ATI Multimedia software and I noticed that “cc” logo now appears on File Player but it still won’t run on any format of recorded TV show. ATI has its own video format called .ati and it finally works! Seems it’s only way to watch it with closed captioning if you record it with ati format. (for example video1.ati — not avi or other format)

If I share it with friends, that’s mean they will have to use ATI File Player to watch it with closed captioning. I think it’s stupid but it okay for now. (not sure if they offers free version for anybody who doesn’t own ATI hardware)

Also, I recorded Vardon family Home Makeover with closed captioning from my Sony DVD Recorder. It works great – as long as I did not change anything with it. It will work just fine on any DVD player whether it’s on TV or computer. For more information: click here.

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