Wanna see funny VRS story?

30 12 2006

Last October 2006, we posted short video called “Pinky Tells Real Story – Videophone and Video Relay Service" at DeafJoke.TV. It is more of preview based on full DVD version. This is one of the highest rated at DeafJoke.TV right now.

Yesterday, my friend and I watched it. (full one hour show) Wow! It is mind-blowing and a lot of laughs. It has over 30 different stories in it. It is high quality video and able to watch it thru my computer, too. Sure, some are definitely not for children however you cannot miss it! It is full ASL with voice over. We watched it three times already! 

I encourage you to get a copy of this DVD from Harris Communications. I promised you it will be worth investment! If you already saw it, let me know what you think!

It’s funny because Pinky Aiello actually contacted me that night after we watched her DVD show. I said myself gosh, she must have reading my mind or what! I found out that she wanted to thank DeafJoke.TV for posting her short video. She got more amazing feedback because of this. Of course, we talked little thru videophone. I told her that we watched DVD show earlier that day and she smiled.

This is not only thing she does — she do travel all over world and does different things like juggle, unicycle, workshop, etc. For more information, please visit her website at http://www.pinkythejuggler.com

Basically, DeafJoke.TV with help from DeafRead.com, we can get pretty much anything to get the message across. I hope we can do it more often in future with other deaf performers or comedians who are in entertainment business. It will benefit them such as buying their products or call them to come and show at your area.

To read her video at DeafJoke.TV – click here & her myspace link – click here.

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Cozy Fireplace

25 12 2006
Christmas EveChristmas Eve Hosted on Zooomr


Cozy Fireplace at my sister in law house… Yall have wonderful holidays!