Online video sharing quality comparison

11 12 2006

I feel this is important for deaf community especially in deaf blogger world to know which is best and which to avoid — this way we can enjoy high quality video without any fuzzy or not clear at all.

This is very good online video sharing quality comparison. We have like at least 10 different video online provider out there right now. It is clearly that YouTube is among one of the worst quality even it’s popular. You should stick with Google Video, Revver and few others according to report. Microsoft Soapbox is in beta stage for its own video sharing online and their quality is very good. Keep in mind, some of the vendors do check every video by human for approval and they can reject for a reason whether you like it or not.

Look like Google Video is only one that support caption options.

Try few others:

To read full comparison and review — Click here.

HDTV with Windows XP

11 12 2006
HDTV with Windows XPHDTV with Windows XP Hosted on Zooomr


Using old Dell Desktop with old ATI All-in-Wonder Video card and it works great. Hooked up thru HDMI-DVI cable. It also have wireless WI-FI card and wireless 2.4 GHZ keyboard and mouse.