Netflix Download Movies

24 01 2007

I’ve been member of Netflix for about a year now. Most of the time, I never check and make sure the movie have closed captioning or subtitle in it. 99% of the time, DVD is always captioned.

Yes, I discovered couple of times that it doesn’t have CC or subtitle in it. I rarely read movie spec and see if it support CC or not. What I did is put message that it should have offer one in their comment box. Since all comment is monitored by Netflix staff and they approved my comment. Hmmm…

Anyway, Netflix announced that they now offers download movies online (Not mail version) even it is not available to all members yet. I know couple deaf bloggers mentioned it and I wanted to say it too in my own blog. The more we talk about it, the more it will spread thru Internet world. Sonny James mentioned about it, too.

The Unofficial Netflix website confirmed that Netflix Watch Now doesn’t support CC at this time. Click here.

Does Watch Now include captioning, subtitles, or DVD extras? No, not at this time.

Finally, NAD has already made comment about it. See it for yourself, click here. Many companies do read our blog site these days. You have to understand that Netflix is not alone. There are many other services that are not offering same thing.

  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • AppleTV
  • Amazon Unbox
  • iPod / iTunes and other media portable unit & services
  • Slingbox
  • TIVO – To Go (computer version)
  • Wal-Mart Video
  • CNN and all other news video online
  • Starz Vongo
  • Netflix & Blockbuster
  • Delta Airline Movie Online – click here
  • Endless list – trust me! 

I’ve mentioned about closed captioning frequently at my blog. Click here.

Deaf Life Magazine Comeback

23 01 2007

Deaf Life Magazine is back!

I mentioned about Deaf Life Magazine last week at my blog — speak of devil. I received Deaf Life Magazine postcard few days ago that magazine will resume this month. (January 2007) Basically it asks if I want to continue my subscription with magazine or ask for money refund. It also asks if I need to update mail address and/or email address.

As you can see it’s yellow postcard in video; I filled it out and mailed it today.

Looking forward to get Deaf Life Magazine soon!