Get Human Please

21 01 2007 logo

I am sure many of you have called customer service for all kind of reason but we all hate automated machine. It can be painful sometime.

In my personal experience, I’ve called many different companies in the past such as Comcast, Dell, Time Warner Cable, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc. It was nothing but long hours and frustrated. I try to use Live Chat online but not every companies have one.

I discovered this website called – it listed many companies with telephone number and description how to get human fast. Think of it as shortcut.

For example: Ford – 800‑392‑3673: Press 0; at prompt press 0; at prompt press 0; at prompt press 1; at prompt press 0.

Get Human Example

I figure it is perfect solution for deaf community who call heavily thru relay service.

Check it out! Go to

Good deal :)

Deaf-Related Magazine and Newspaper

15 01 2007

In 1997, my wife and I went to Deaf Expo in California for first time and we had good times. (Too bad they closed for good) This is where we discovered Deaf-related magazine / newspaper such as Deaf Life, Newswaves, Deaf Nation, Silent News and others.

We signed up and paid with them all except Deaf Life Magazine. I signed up with Deaf Life Magazine eventually.

Next few years, it was fine – always enjoyed reading them. Of course, it was all before Internet become popular during dot-com-boom in 2000-2001. (Best Guess) If I recall correctly, Newswaves and DeafNation were first to closed down. Silent News eventually closed down, too.

Deaf Life Magazine put themselves “On hold” for few years. I am pretty sure I paid two years subscription with them. I’ve only gotten like at least six magazines over times. Now, they are supposed to back in business starting this month. (January 2007) I am looking forward to it. Click here.

Past few years, we now have new faces in the market (sort of) like NADMag and SigNews – these are all we got right now in the deaf community. I noticed that both are starting to struggle every month/quarterly. I went ahead and contact their customer service last week. They acknowledged they are way behind.

  • SigNews = did not get new since last edition in September 2006.
  • NADMag = did not get new since last edition in Summer 2006.

Do you really think Internet such as DeafRead and another deaf-related news online impact hard-copy version these days? I wonder…

Anyway, I can’t wait to get new magazine so I can read it in my bathroom….