RE: Self Expression via Vblog

14 01 2007

This is my vlog response to Oh I See Blog – RE: Self Expression via Vblog – click here

Basically, I mentioned that I like both formal and non-formal vblog. I really love Amy’s vblog – she’s simply amazing. Not just special effects… but she has beautiful smile, too.

All vlogger should make every effort to improve their own vblog but of course it is not required. One of the biggest challenge to keep video maintain high quality is keep your room well-lighted. If you doesn’t have many light in your room, consider invest $10 lamp or something better. Believe it or not, it will make the difference.

In my case, it is non-formal but maybe it is between non-formal and formal because I do included title, URL address and date. If you notice in some of my older videos, I didn’t look really nice like t-shirt, etc. So, I try to make it little better every time.

Sometime, my dog bothered me while I am talking to webcam. He thinks I am weird or something. Hehe… Other things look like my glasses doesn’t have anti-reflect in it which cause reflect horribly front of monitor. I have no choice but remove it while I am talking to webcam.

Note: In case you wonder what software I primarily use for my vblog — I use Logitech ImageStudio which can be found at Logitech website. Click here to download ImageStudio 7.3 – Enjoy! Now Offers Captions

8 01 2007 now offers subtitle for English and several another language starting right now. How cool is that? I know that have been doing podcast video for few years – of course I never bother to check it out because it doesn’t offers captions till now.

In case you are not familiar with Rocketboom, you can look it up at for its little history: Click here.

I watched several rocketboom videos with subtitle and it works great. Too bad it’s not widescreen and high quality video like their original video but its start. I hope other companies like Scoble Show will follow Rocketboom step.

According to announcement, dotSUB CEO Michael Smolens, they want to offers subtitle options even before it ever become mandatory by law. Smart move, Michael!

P.S. I tried to embedded one of the Rocketboom video thru dotSUB into my blog but it didn’t work. I guess it’s still beta like he mentioned.

Rocketboom’s announcement:

One of the most popular video podcasts is having all its episodes captioned

Beginning January 4th with its first daily episode for 2007, Rocketboom announced, in its video podcast, that all future episodes would be captioned and then available for subtitling in any language using dotSUB technology. You can see this announcement at this link. Click here.

There are still some bugs being worked out, but you can watch the captioned episodes each day by clicking the ‘translate’ link which appears first under the control buttons on the video player, and then to the right of the screen shot which appears, click on the pull down menu next to "WATCH" – and choose ‘English-100%’

The daily episode will then play with captions. Depending on whether any of the Rocketboom fans have chosen to translate it into any language, it will also be available in captioned format in those languages.

If any of you wish to translate it, just go to the ‘Advanced Tools’ box at the right of the screen, select your language from the pull down menu, hit ‘translate’ and begin. You don’t need to finish, just hit the ‘save’ button when you are either finished, tired or bored,then done, and whatever you have translated will be available for anyone else at the site to see, add to, and enjoy.

We hope by offering captioned web based video long before any political or legal pressure to do so, we can be a catalyst for change.

Michael L. Smolens
Founder & CEO
dotSUB llc – Any Film Any Language
360 East 72nd St. #C3104
New York, NY 10021 USA
1-917-742-0158 – tel
1-646-403-9944 – fax
mlsmolens – Skype