Jack in the Box – Thru Drive: Revisit

23 02 2007

I wrote about it last November 2004 (click here) and I want to share update with you guys about it two years later.

Talk about Jack in the Box Thru Drive Revisit in this vlog Summary:

  1. I mentioned previous article at my blog about it last November 2004.
  2. I don’t see any improvement in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas so far.
  3. My daughter still remember what happened but she said it doesn’t bother her anymore. (She’s hearing)
  4. Do we see any improvement in thru drive since anywhere in USA?


Google Video with Captioned

18 02 2007

Last September 2006, Google Video announced that it now offers closed caption support. I see more people start using this feature – probably not as many as I hope but its good start since it’s only six months old.

In the past, Google Video used to have CC list on their front page. It’s not there anymore and you won’t find link anywhere. Lucky, I did bookmarked it before and found it. It goes to http://video.google.com/videocaptioned.

Well, if you look at captioned category, its only three pages long. (10 videos each page) There’s a lot more out there if you type “captioned” in Google Video search box. (Not 100% accuracy — some are open captioned, too) I noticed it hasn’t updated at all – look like maybe they should fix their system whenever video offers CC, it should automatically add at captioned category.

Also, it would be nice if they add formal category for captioned group similar to sports, entertainment, popular, etc. It should show under “more” list.

I’ve emailed to Google Video Team about it today. I hope they will follow it up and make some adjustment in near future. If you can, please contact them at video-support@google.com and tell them about it!