ASL Vlog Stuff

14 02 2007

  1. Archive – always save everything and back it up
  2. Volunteer Transcript / Caption
  3. Add title, date and URL address on every video

Everything you record from your webcam or camcorder, you should save everything in your hard drive. I am sure most of you do that regularly which is good. Once you have handful of video files, back it up on your DVD-R or CD-R discs. (Videotapes in some case) It is no difference like you save your family videotape somewhere safe, do it same thing with your DVD/CD discs. Jay mentioned about it – click here.

Personally, I do save everything as much as possible including pictures, documents, videos and emails regularly. You will never know.

Remember all those videos online do not make good backup because of its loss quality due to their compressed into flash video. If you forgot to save or lost your original file somehow (hardware failure, lost, etc.) then it is better than nothing. Remember original files are much better quality than what’s on your video online. (YouTube, Google, etc.)

Of course, video files are ok to backup on your own website via FTP. It is good alternative. (Like Joey Baer’s website; hosting account required)

Another thing, I think it’s great that these people like Der Sankt who offer their volunteer time to create transcript for ASL vlog as long as they said OK. I don’t know if they are deaf or hearing – but if they are hearing, I rather have them do some hearing vlog. Believe it or not, there’s millions hearing vlog with no caption out there.

Finally, I know some of you vlogger regularly add title, date and website address on video like I did. If you don’t do that, I strongly recommend you to add them on every video from now on. If you are clueless, just do easy ways like write on flyer or just say it at the beginning of the video. This way, it will be easier for everyone and vlogger in long run when they started doing archive, research, and all that stuff.

Glad we are having this discussion, we all will preserve our ASL vlog files forever!

Vlogger & Blogger: Code of Ethics

5 02 2007


I’ve enjoyed the wonderful webcast streaming video from Vlogger & Blogger Conference last Saturday. (2/03/07) Even I missed some of them, I already looking forward videos online that I missed once it’s become available.

I don’t know if anybody mention “Blogger: Code of Ethics” during the conference. I added one for my blog two years ago but I forgot to add link on front page in case anybody concern about my "policy."

To look at more detail about it. Click here (Charlene Li’s Blog)

Read my Code of Ethics for my blog. I did mentioned about it in January 2005. Click here 

Blogger Code Of Ethics

  • We will tell the truth. We will acknowledge and correct any mistakes promptly.
  • We will not delete comments unless they are spam, off-topic, or defamatory.
  • We will reply to comments when appropriate as promptly as possible. 
  • We will link to online references and original source materials directly. 
  • We will disagree with other opinions respectfully.

Note: I probably will change/update over times.

What do you think? Should you add disclaimer or code of ethics for your own blog site? Why or why not?

UPDATED 2/05/07 : One more reference link where I got my code of ethics from – click here. Thanks Anonymous!